Friday, November 9, 2007

The Playboy

Some people live life to the fullest like there is no tomorrow. They eat like a pig; smoke up to 4 packets per day; do no physical exercise at all. "Why worry about tomorrow?" they'd ask. Come what might be, they'll find a way to solve the problem when it comes! And they always do!

Such is the attitude of a playboy I know. He never ceased to amaze me with his attitude. Yet he is happy with his life. He got married when he was 19, having left school after form 3. It wasn't long before the kids came along like the locomotive and its cars. But his marriage wasn't smooth-sailing — no — there were fights all the time. However, it was not until 12 years later before the inevitable divorce took place.

By then, he had 6 children. That, of course, wasn't gonna derail him from his happy-go-lucky life attitude. So he went hunting again and ended up with a second wife. And then an additional 2 more kids.

I can't remember him ever having a steady job, but hey! why should that stop him from enjoying his life, right? Well, at the age of 52, he had a heart attack. It must have been surprising for the playboy, since he obviously did not foresee ever getting sick. While he was in the hospital bed looking pathetic, his mistress called up his second wife, saying that she's pregnant — that the playboy had promised to marry her. I bet no one would've wanted to be the second wife then, huh?

The playboy went through what's known as the angioplasty, and was quickly up on his feet again. But the doctor advised him to quit smoking, watch his diet, and do regular aerobics exersices. Of course as soon as he was out of the hospital, he started smoking again, quickly building up his momentum up to 4 packets per day. Then he decided there's no use to control what he liked to eat. He also didn't bother about doing aerobics exercises.

Anyway, after the heart attack ordeal, and the ensuing third world war at home with number two, life continued as usual. Well, he went on to have another 2 more kids with his mistress. Hey! You only get to live once, you know!

At around the age of 60, he had another heart attack. This time he had to go through an open-heart surgery — a quadruple bypass. But shortly before the surgery, his family members found out that his mistress was expecting yet another baby! Well, he didn't quit smoking; didn't control his diet, but we know that he at least did some aerobics exercises. I think he must have misunderstood the doctor on that particular advice.

And then the playboy survived that second surgery! And again he started smoking and eating like a pig. What can I say, some people are lucky, you know. I don't know whether to be happy or sad for him.

But one thing is certain, dad is very pleased and happy with himself...


Julie Tan said...

This reminds me of someone as well (won't mention the names) where this guy (man) has 4 wives, wife no. 4 is as old or younger as his first wife's kids. And he just had a baby not too long ago. He just live to enjoy without thinking of tomorrow. Spending the money that he does not have. Sigh...

Cornelius said...

Ah, Julie dear, so you know one of these creatures too, huh?

Well, I can only remember properly from A to H, i.e. Audrey to Harry. If I stumbled upon Irwin, Jonathan, Kathleen and Lazarus in the street, I might not recognize any of them. Maybe dad doesn't like that family TV series, "Eight is Enough". But we are all worried that we are running out of the letters of the alphabets to name our family member.

And yes, there's that problem with the money too. But, y'know, that most annoying tagline, "if I suddenly drop dead tomorrow, those kids will somehow survive..."

Anonymous said...

I have come across many people like that. Living beyond their means and expecting to be bailed out whenever they are in trouble. I wonder how they always manage to convince their girlfriends or mistresses to fall for them and to the extent of getting pregnant one after another. I really salute them! Living life without any conscience or worry in the world. Maybe they are not from this planet.

Julie Tan said...

It's sad u know. He keeps asking money from the first wife's kid. One time after another. I guess lately it has reached the final straw, the first wife's kid refused to talk to him.

Cornelius said...

See, that's the thing, Julie, that parents have the tendency to forget. They think that the children owe them respect—automatically. But the truth of the matter is that respect must be earned, even by parents.

If he expects others to respect him, then he must behave respectably.

Cornelius said...

jam, that is one of the mysteries of this world.

It is difficult to fathom how a young woman can fall for a poor old man twice her age. I am sure even Michael Douglas would have been impressed. I guess some men are blessed with intoxicating charm.

Oh! They are from this planet alright! They always stand out from the rest. They are always in the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

Anonymous said...

Look at it this way... he is doing a great service to the Koh clan and the Chinese by increasing the population a dozen single-handedly. If only his offsprings could emulate, we would not be out-numbered. :)
Jokes aside, a parent is a parent no matter what, be thankful you have one.

Cornelius said...

I had a very ugly childhood. A big part of it was spent with relatives. We siblings were separated from one another; some lived with an auntie, some with an uncle. I was lucky enough to have been parked at my sadist grandmother.

Dad was hardly ever around. He had his own life to enjoy, you see. Mom and dad were separated long before they divorced. If we were lucky, dad would come to check on us kids perhaps once or twice in a year for a couple of days tops.

My parents have always been strangers to me. There's never been this great parental love that exists in other families.

At the risk of being labelled as an ungrateful son, I have to honestly say that I don't feel thankful at all that I have a daddy. Other people have long filled up his shoes as my daddy.

Julie Tan said...

I think i can imagine what sort of childhood u had. It's similar to what the first wife's kids went through. They were actually brought up by the relatives after their mother died of cancer when they were still very young. They din get much love and had to grow up fast and take care of themselves. And that made them rather streetwise I would say.

Actually this guy called again yesterday, asking for what else. It's a never ending process. And this time even used words to threaten the first wife's kid.