Monday, November 19, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Oh! It's so good to be home again. What a trip; I have so much to tell, I don't know where to start!

I touched down at around 8:30pm, and then went straight to dinner. And only now I arrived home. Some of you might be wondering how come I took almost 7 hours to fly from LCCT-KL to LCCT-KK. Well, it's a long story — may I repeat — I have so much to tell. But I am half dead right now. So y'all will have to wait till tomorrow for stories of the fantastic hunt last Saturday.

But there are other stories I want to tell too, so I reckon the best way to do it is to separate the stories into 3 main headings:

1) MAH Hunt — 3-in-1

Synopsis: General overview of an apprentice riding with the grandmasters from KL to Malacca. It's a unique hunt covering:

(i) Leg 1: motorised hunt;
(ii) Leg 2: formula 1 with a twist;
(iii) Leg 3: Walk hunt with not so much twist (this was apparently the favourite leg of Uncle Chong Foo Seong).

2) MAH Hunt — Peril of Excavation

Synopsis: Detailed anaysis of the hunt as a whole; some questionable questions; how we got to last place.

3) Discovery Channel & Wrath of Treasure Hunt God

Synopsis: The tourist in me; hospitality of my host; other new things — places and new friends. Of course, not to forget how the Treasure Hunt God was still at it, up to the very last minute.

Alas, I can hardly keep my eyes open right now. I'll just feed Boomer, have a quick shower and then hit the sack.


Anonymous said...

Hellooo...what last place?? You guys are podium finishers and brought home 1 of the 3 prizes offered! So congrats to you and HRU.

Cornelius said...

Aiyah, I am the story-teller mah. Of course I have a reason why I said we got last place! You will just have to wait for the story.

Let's see if I can tell at least a bit during lunch hour today. Be patient, my dear claire.

Anonymous said...

let me guess. you were the last team to come in before penalty time for part 2. the rest were late.

CK said...

can't wait for your hunt stories, esp v sabahan so hungry for one now....
anyway, just to let you know tat i'm now reconnected back to the cyber world again.

Anonymous said...

Hope the Valley food made up for the disappointment of the cancelled hunt!

Cornelius said...

Hi CK!

Glad to know you're back online again! I've found out how to deal with the photos. But expect me to disturb you some more on other technical matters!

So how's the Sandakan boy getting on? Go chase Alvin for Trash Hunt 3, so that I need not go all the way to KL to hunt! We can use his hunt to prepare for DBKK '08.

Cornelius said...

Hi 2R1I,

The food was really something; if only I have a bigger stomach to accommodate more into it! But you are letting the cat out of the bag too soon! That story will come under a different heading!