Sunday, November 25, 2007

Treasure Hunt Questions

The answers of the following questions are found within either one of the above pictures in no particular order.

It may be necessary to click on those pictures to be able to see clearly some of the signages.

Q1) Required by agent to become expecting.

Q2) Distress call short of a month?

Send in your answers & explanations to

Have fun and good luck!


Anonymous said...

Once a spade always a spade. Having difficulty staving off the topic of "Treasure Hunts" huh (tee hee).

Cornelius said...


I've given up fighting the treasure hunt obsession... hehehe. I am cursed forever!

Cornelius said...

Well, folks, it seems that this time round, the questions are just a walk in the park for grandmasters Margaret, 2R1I and renroc, who submitted the correct answers & explanations in that order.

Am hoping to see some correct answers from my Sabahan friends soon.

Cornelius said...

Well, what d'you know, I've received another correct answer from an unknown name!

N Fields submitted even earlier than the grandmasters I mentioned above. But I didn't notice his submission before this because it was directed to my bulk mailbox.

Well done, Mr Fields. I will try to conjure up purely English puzzles in the future so that more people from foreign lands can enjoy too!

Cornelius said...

Yet another successful solver in claire! Hmmm... perhaps I really need to raise the difficulty level a bit, huh?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your picture-based hunt Qs. :)

Cornelius said...

Ah! Glad to know that you enjoyed it, my dear claire!

But that's just a start—to get the ball rolling. Next time, I'll try to find a sector where there's more signboards; and yes, perhaps more complicated questions too!

Cornelius said...

Well, folks, the Tans, i.e. Julie and CK submitted their attempts. Each got one correct. They submitted the wrong (different) answers for the 2nd question, together with somewhat contrasting imaginations/explanations!

Come on, Sabahan hunters! Show 'em your stuff!... hehehe

Cornelius said...

Well, folks, I've just received yet another successful submission from a celebrity master hunter—Michael Pang.

And may I add, his answers and explanations are short and straight to the point, which is characteristic of his hunt questions!

Cornelius said...

I have since received some more attempts from my Sabahan comrades. But I am sad to say that they have not been successful. Therefore, CK Tan is the only partially-correct submission from Sabah so far.

Unknown said...

Thanks Cornelius for the enjoyable distraction from work...although i let the Sabah contingent down, I look forward to more Web Based Treasure Hunts in future.

Cornelius said...

Glad to know that you've enjoyed these questions, Johan. I will try to set some more in the future.

Don't worry about getting them wrong. We're all still in the learning curve. I just wonder how much longer I can remain one step ahead of you people in conjuring up tricky questions!

Cornelius said...

And now, folks, an announcement which I don't really know how to make!

When I set these online questions, I meant it to be an individual effort by the solvers out there. I am convinced that that is one of the best ways to improve.

For example, in my own team, Mia and I are always trying our best to crack clues. But the other 2 members are only there for the sake of being there, so to speak—if you know what I mean. During the many training hunts I set for my team, quite often when the questions get a little tougher, these 2 other team members can't function without Mia. They MUST have Mia to analyse the questions for them, and then they would simply try to spot the signboards.

Now I have a correct submission, but by 3 people joining forces to crack the puzzles. They are Viv, Grace and Simon. I suppose I must congratulate them for their success. But I am sad because this demonstrates their inability to work independently.

For the purpose of THIS online hunt, I don't consider their efforts as a success. I am sure everyone will be able to solve these questions if given the opportunity to confer with other people.

Come on, fellow Sabahans, I know you can solve these questions!

Anonymous said...

it's fun, anymore questions?

Cornelius said...

Wow! What took you so long, my friend? You've arrived here several months late! Anyway, I'm glad that you had fun. Luckily I have some sort of alert system linked to my emailbox. Otherwise, I wouldn't have realised you're posting a comment here!

Anyway, you can check out some more questions here. However, you might want to know that I have also published the answers and explanations to these questions too, so you will have to be disciplined not to peak at the answers. Hope you have fun.

A word of caution: I don't know if you are from Malaysia or not. If you are a foreigner, you might have problems with some of those questions, because the treasure hunt questions normally include some translations between English and Malay.