Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Bike & Police Efficiency

Can you remember the very first time you owned a vehicle? Well, my "vehicle" was a motorbike — a Yamaha DT125, which was exactly like the one in this picture. It must have been at least 20 years ago. I remember that pleasant feeling the first day I rode the bike home from the dealer. That evening I rode it around the village where I used to live in, showing off my new bike to eveyone in the village. I was so in love with my motorbike.

I paid off the loan for that bike within 12 months. I serviced it regularly and made sure that it's in tip-top condition all the time. After almost 3 years, it still looked very new.

Then one night I was working late in town to prepare for an upcoming exams (I was teaching maths and science in a private college). The college was on the third floor of a converted shop. When I was done with my work, I came down to where I had parked my bike. I was shocked to find that my bike was no longer there — it was stolen!

There's a police station located within walking distance away from the college. So I rushed there to lodge a police report. I was very impressed with the system the police had — it was very efficient.

The good policeman at the front counter took my statement without much delay. He then proceeded on to radio some of his colleagues who're apparently out in patrol cars; giving the description of my bike. I sat there watching in admiration. In between his tasks, he turned to me to say that they're also setting up roadblocks to prevent the thief from escaping. When all's done, he was finally able to attend to me again.

I explained to him that that was my very first bike — that it meant a lot to me. One way or another I must have my bike back. I asked him, "Do you think you will be able to get my bike back for me?"

And his reply came stern and determined, "Of course we will get your bike back!"...

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Cornelius said...

And that's the last time I ever heard of my bike. But you should've seen how impressive he was at his work. If only he'd find my bike, then it would have been perfect...