Monday, November 2, 2009

Knee Injury

Maybe I kinda pushed myself a bit too far last Tuesday. I did a quick 8km. There's a bit of pain in my right knee now. I rested it for a few days, thus missing out on important mid-week runs. By Saturday, it was OK again, but not totally recovered. Ran only 26km and felt half dead at the end of it.

Started my run at 5:30am on Saturday in an attempt to accustom my body to the same running condition in Singapore (the full marathon flags off at 5:30am). By 8am, it was maddeningly hot, I felt like fainting. The morning sun was biting into my neck, shoulders and arms. Oh I'm gonna suffer in Singapore.

I wonder if Viagra can also help pump more blood into my leg muscles, as opposed to only one organ in my body. It would be a very good excuse for taking that god-send drug, I'm sure. Then if I can't control the side effect of blood flowing into another muscle in my body, why surely that is not my fault, right? I'm only trying to perform well in the marathon? If the drug also helps me to perform well in another type of marathon, that is just a bonus, right?

OK, I'm done talking nonsense now. Good night folks, I'm off to bed now.


Anonymous said...

Geez, you are already running like this just after your marathon?
I can see why your knee broke down on you!

Cornelius said...


I have no choice but to continue my training. The Singapore Marathon is just a few weeks away. If I get the same kind of heat as last Saturday, I have a feeling that I will do even worse in Singapore. But I'm still gonna try to do better - I can't control myself!... hehehe. But of course I will go easy on my knee. If necessary, a few more days' rest should help.

teo said...

Hey Corny,

Go easy man...I know how it feels to have knee injuries. That is why whenever I do sports except bowling or swimming, I always wear knee guards.

Hey, shouldn't you start your run at 5am? Coz 5am in KK is equivalent to 5.30am in Singapore rite? 30mins less suffering haha....

This weekend I will be doing 18KM or 21KM before tapering till the Penang Bridge International Marathon. My target time is a very relax one...2:30 - 2:45. Also, hope that this time around the organisers will be using cups to fill the water!! With H1N1 is still in a wide spread, I might just run the whole 21KM without water if no cups were available.

Cornelius said...


The only times I had knee guards were when I was still actively playing badminton many years ago. But I've given up on badminton so long ago. I'm not too favourable of the idea of having something on my knee in long distance running. I somehow think that can hamper free flow of blood to my calves, but I may be wrong.

Yes, teo, you have a point there. I should be starting my long run at 5am... provided of course if can I actually wake up early enough to do that!... hehe. However, at any rate, if the weather is hot, I will still suffer, since I seriously doubt that I can reach the finish line any sooner than 10am. The sun would be extremely hot by then, Singapore or KK regardless.

I just visited the official website of the Penang Bridge International Marathon just now. I can see some improvements over last year. They're using the timing chip this time. And last year the so-called half marathon wasn't really half. We had to run the full length of the bridge and make a big loop before turning back to Queens Bay Mall. I think the distance then was 25km. I notice that the distance this year is a lot shorter, at least a few km shorter, because runners will turn back somewhere on the bridge.

Good luck, teo, and make sure you won't faint for refusing to drink throughout the run!