Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ads In The Blog

It took me more than 2 years, but I finally spent the few minutes to actually work on adding advertisements in this blog!

I'm not very good with all these internet stuff, so adding something new to my blog is quite a big achievement, you know! I didn't think that I would make tons of money from the advertisements in this blog; and I still don't. Which also explains why I've been putting it at the bottom of my priority list all this while. Maybe I should start thinking of changing the template and insert a nice picture for the title of this blog; and perhaps add links of other blogs etc., so as to make this blog more "complete" and "professional-looking"? But the trouble is that I'm worried that I will mess things up to the extent that I'm unable to find my way back! Yes, that's one major problem I'm facing in spite of having been blogging for over 2 years now.

Over the last 2 years since this blog came into existence, I've had several of my loyal readers who suggested some modifications to this blog, e.g. adding advertisements, links to other blogs and some other fancy stuff like chatbox on my sidebar. Some have also suggested that I create my own paid website. But they have all since given up hope on me. It's not that I'm being unsporting; rather it's mainly due to the attitude of "playing safe". If only you knew that I spent several weeks just to figure out how to put that "Recent Comments" on my sidebar, then you'd know how hopeless I am with all these technical stuff! Ordinarily, I am not such a stupid person—I swear!

Incidentally, a friend of mine wrote to me recently, saying that I have now surpassed my 500th post. To be quite honest, I wasn't even counting. Maybe this calls for some sort of celebration, but I haven't thought of one yet. Perhaps after I'm done with the Singapore Marathon next Sunday; and after setting the ISM Hunt for January, then I will have some free time to think of something.

This reminds me of the new cellphone I bought a couple of weeks ago—the Nokia N97. Before this, I had a Nokia N70 which was a pretty good phone. I was using that N70 for a good 2 years until it started failing on me. I reckoned that repairs would've cost quite substantial, so I decided maybe this was a good excuse to buy a new one.

Anyway, to make the long story short, I bought the N97 and it's been serving me quite well so far. Except that I can't help thinking it is way beyond my ability to operate. With a 32G memory space, and an additional 2G memory card, 5 megapixel camera which I don't really need, and so many other features which I have no idea of their purposes, I don't know why I bought this particular phone. I suppose if I tried very hard to learn all the available features on the phone, maybe I would be able to cover about 10% in 6 months' time. But even that might be too ambitious. Later today, I'll be going to City Mall for my weekly foot massage. I will stop by Starbucks and try to surf the net via my phone. That is provided I can figure out the way how to do it to start with.

Coming back to this blog, I'm quite pleased with myself for having successfully put the ads on my sidebar and between the posts. But somehow they don't look very normal to me. Maybe I need to do something else to make it more "normal". So I would welcome suggestions from my readers who're also bloggers. After that, I should seriously start reading that part about how this thing can actually generate incomes!


Cornelius said...

Wow!... I'm beginning to think that some of you are connected to my blog perpetually!

I just got a text message from a friend, saying that the "real" ads will take a bit of time. OK, that sounds more like it. I'll just wait and see what happens in a day or two.

Cornelius said...

OK, that does it, now I know something is not quite right!... hehehe. I must have done something wrong; the ads are not appearing as I had thought. Quick, someone, help me out here! I have a bad feeling that I will eventually take away the ads again!

Tekko said...

There is an option for you to save your original template/layout in bloggers. You should do this backup every time, before you add or edit new stuff. Just click on Layout, Edit HTML, Download Full Template and save to your PC. If you need to recover the original layout, simply upload back the original layout which you save.

Forget the adsense. There is not much money to be made there. We have enough advertisement in this world already. Add photos etc

Cornelius said...


It's not really about the money. Otherwise, I would've added the ads a long time ago. Adding the ads won't cost me anything anyway, and hopefully it won't get in the way of my readers. If I can make some money, that's good. If not, I won't lose anything. At any rate, if it's too much trouble, I can always take away the ads later.

Have just added Nuffnang too. Looks ugly so far... hehehe. But I hope to get used to the new look soon!

However, now that I know it's possible to back up my template, I want to find out if it's also possible to back up this whole blog!

Tekko said...

You can backup your post and comments using Blogger Backup

Cornelius said...

Wow! Thanks for your help, Tekko! I did not even bother to find out if it's possible to backup my blog! I have since followed the link you provided me and have successfully backed up my blog. But I hope I will never need to restore my blog, because I'm not sure if I have it in me to handle the restoration procedures!... hehehe.

Cornelius said...

Oh! by the way, I have just noticed that my Adsense ads are up and running now! Phew!

Now let's see if I can make at least RM50 in a year from now. HAHAHA!

Cornelius said...

I thought there's no harm trying to generate some incomes from advertising stuff here in this blog, since it's not costing me anything anyway. My idea is that I could then use whatever incomes I can earn to organise something like a virtual hunt, of which I can offer attractive cash prizes.

But apparently this is not an original idea. I have been informed that one can earn hardly anything from these advertisements. After more than a year, not even USD20. I was given to understand that the part that is generating incomes is when my visitors actually click on those ads, and not simply look at them.

Hmm... doesn't sound like very promising. If I were to take myself as an example of a typical blog reader, I have NEVER clicked on any of those advertisements!... HAHAHA! So I'm afraid there won't be attractive prizes for virtual hunts, folks!