Sunday, November 30, 2008

1st Anniversary Virtual Hunt—The Winner

It is time to announce the winner of my First Anniversary Virtual Hunt 2008...

And the person who wins the title of Freak Hunter and RM100 prize is (drums rolling...):


Applause please!!!... *clap clap clap*


She performed as follows:

Q1-1; Q2-10; Q3-1; Q4-10; Q5-8; Q6-10; Q7-8 for a total of 48/70 points

She went through a bit of rough rides during the earlier part of the hunt. For some strange reasons, she was unable to figure out Q1 for a long time, in fact she did not submit the answer for Q1 until I have posted Q5. She rebounded very quickly for Q2, only to go into some anxious moments again for Q3. Although she was finally able to submit the correct answer for Q3 way after midnight, many other participants had submitted the correct answer by then. She was therefore only able to earn 1 point for Q3. After that she practically bulldozed her way through to the end.

The other 4 people at the top are:

2) CHONG VOON KIAT - 34/70

3) CHAN HENG CHEW - 29/70

4) MARGARET SHA - 23/70

5) LIONG CHIAN MIN - 21/70

Special mention to honour the PERFECT SOLVERS (In order of scores):





Anonymous said...

Congratulations Claire!

Look out world!

Claire said...

Evolution of smileys:

:-O (speechless) -> :-# (really??)
-> :-) (realization) -> :-D (euphoric)

Hehehe...thanks 2R&1I, and many thanks to dear Corn! :-D

Marsha said...

Way to go, Claire... Congrats!! You are truly a master in disguise-eh!

Many thanks to Corn too for churning up those crafty questions where I had to kick myself silly for not solving them. Nevertheless, I had great fun. :)

Cornelius said...

Thank you all for being a wonderful audience!

Claire dear, I'm warning you, if you're not careful, TOS might have funny ideas of inducting you into their Master List for next year's theSun Hunt!

Marsha, I hate to admit this, but I really enjoy seeing you kicking yourself after I had revealed my answers. But if it helps to make you feel any better, so many other people are also kicking themselves now!

Am glad that you've had fun. To the new hunters, please don't be discouraged by this virtual hunt. Take it as a learning experience. In that sense, you have all been a winner! The next time you go hunting again, you are better equipped for a good showing! Just make sure you don't beat me too badly!... hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Claire!

Congrats!!!! :)

renroc said...

Congrats, Claire !

Congrats to Corn too for a very entertaining hunt.

Cornelius said...


Where have you been, my friend!? We were all missing an important participant. I'm sure if you had participated in this hunt, you would've caused even more stressful moments for most of these crazy hunters. And that would surely have been more entertaining... I mean entertaining for me!

Cornelius said...

I received an email from a new hunter. He said he realises now why those top hunters keep ending up on the podium in almost every hunt. He said he's inspired to conquer the cryptic riddles.

I'm glad that this hunt has opened the eyes of some of these new hunters. Cryptic knowledge and lateral thinking are essential tools to excel in this sport. You just can't do without them!

Cornelius said...

Some of you who suggested the inclusion of more "easier" questions for next time, I'd like to say that I have tried my best to balance up the easy-tough questions in this hunt.

I can understand your feeling when you're unable to solve even half of the questions; I was once a new hunter too. But you just have to trust me on this, there is not much you can learn from those so-called "easy" questions.

Cornelius said...

I find it interesting that 2 persons have asked me the same question. They wanted to know if I switched the order of Q6 and Q7 of this hunt. The answer to this question is NO.

I think the reason they asked this question was because they felt a sudden increase in difficulty between Q5 and Q6.

Actually, when I set the questions for this hunt, the first thing I did was to fix Q1 and Q7. The other questions in between were not so important as far as the order was concerned. In fact, I did say that the questions are not in any particular order of difficulty.

I wanted to present my questions perfectly, not only in terms of trickery and style, but also in terms of beauty as an art. So you can see how I started the hunt with a 2-worded question, and then ended it with 2-worded question too.

As for Q6, I have to admit that I had to reconstruct the entire question because after Q5, I realised that I had to allow the 2 last questions as the buffer, rather than just Q7 alone. So I reconstructed Q6 to make it a little bit trickier. That way, it wasn't really about speed typing; rather it was speed thinking.

Just to satisfy the curiosity of some of you, the original Q6 was like this:

Q6) In favour of the first 2 types.

Where "In favour of" is FOR; and "the first 2 TYpes" = TY to give FORTY.

But there is nothing new in this original Q6, and I was sure that the masters would have been rushing to submit their answers. I had given the "speed-typing challenge" in Q5, so it's just fair that I slow them down a bit in Q6.