Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First Anniversary Virtual Hunt—Photos

Wow! I have already received some feedbacks on the photos I just posted. For some strange reasons, it is not possible to save them to the hard disk. I don't know why. And that is indeed a big problem! You see, in some cases, it may be necessary to zoom in to those small signs to be able to see clearly.

Now I don't know how else to enlarge these photos beyond the clicking of those photos. So this is what I am going to do now. I will send out these photos to some of you who I know will try these questions, even if you're not going to submit any answers in the end. For the rest of you, please write me an email and I will send these photos to you through emails. Don't worry, still plenty of time to deal with these photos! Remain calm, folks... hehehe


Cornelius said...

OK, listen up, folks!

I have received quite a lot of feedbacks from all you freak hunters!... HAHAHA!

I have sent the photos to your emailboxes; and if you know anyone else who'd like to join in the fun, feel free to forward the photos to them too.

I have found out that you will need to actually download/save those photos to your PC, and then view them later using "windows piture & fax viewer". By doing so, you will be able to zoom in to those photos as much as you like, but of course in doing so, you will lose some details. If you view those photos directly from the emailbox, you may have limited ability to zoom in.

On the other hand, I have received a text message from a friend who informed me that he's able to save the photos directly from my blog and then view it using the "window picture & fax viewer" mention above. It's a bit strange because I can't do that from my pc. Or maybe it's just me!... hehehe

Anonymous said...

Just point cursor at the picture, right click and save the picture.
Only snag, picture gets is a bit blurry when you try to zoom in.

Cornelius said...

Yes, that's what I did earlier. It is strange that you can't save the photo that way on some pcs.

But on the other hand, although it is possible to save as you have explained here, that saved photo, when enlarged, will be so blur that it hardly serves its purpose!

The only foolproof way is by actually downloading it as an entire file (sent through email as an attachment), save it on the hard disk, and then view it later using the "window picture & fax viewer". Not very difficult, because still plenty of time for me to send out the pictures through emails. Just drop me an email and I will send it out to you.

Johnny HoSH said...

To save pictures, first left click on the pic. It will open up full-sized, then right click to save.



Johnny HoSH said...
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Cornelius said...

Yes, Johnny, that's what I usually do to save pictures from blogs. But today at the office, when I did that, I couldn't save the picture. I don't know why. And I tried doing that on another computer in the office, and again it couldnt work somehow.

Some people have since written emails to me to ask me to send the pictures to them, and apparently they, too, encountered the same problem.

Jimmy Lee said...

Actually 3 of the pictures when saved seems normal but picture 1 when saved is not having any file extension. Maybe thats the problem some people facing. Just configure the windows to allow "do not hide file extensions" then rename the picture to ".jpg" then is fine already. But the problem is still as what cornelius said, it is blur abit when enlarge. :)

Cornelius said...

Those of you who have received the photos, please ensure that you have FOUR (4) photos. I am saving you all the trouble; I'm not using any decoy photos for this hunt! Therefore, all those photos will be required for the purpose of this hunt!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I managed to save the photos from off the website. Each is about 300kb to 400kb.. will that give a good enough picture resolution?

Cornelius said...

No, I'm afraid 300-400kb won't be good enough for this hunt. Send me an email, and I will send back the photos.

Anonymous said...

300 - 400 kb still not enough??

You must be joking. Are you going to ask us to spot the tattoo at the back of an ant at the corner of the picture??

Cornelius said...

No, I'm not joking. And, no, I don't do tattoos on the ant's back too.

Don't say I didn't warn you. If you don't have clearer pictures, you might be unable to see some of the important boards.

Oh by the way, a friend wrote to me, suggesting that I should look into PICASA by google. I don't even know what's that, but apparently I can upload the pictures there and then all will be free to view them. I haven't had the time to really look into that. Maybe if this virtual hunt is successful, I will consider doing another one in the near future. I can then do the PICASA thing.