Wednesday, September 3, 2008

November Challenge

Immediately after I concluded my KK Challenge 4 a couple of months ago, someone in the audience asked me the customary question: When is your next hunt? Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to find the time to organise hunts.

The long school holidays will start in early November. I am aware that some of my friends, including treasure hunter friends, usually make plans to go for holidays abroad. Hopefully, I am still in time to catch you people before you finalise your travelling plans. If it's possible, please try to keep the second half of November free.

Yesterday we have initiated serious discussions for a proposed treasure hunt, tentatively at the end of November. Right now I am not at the liberty to release any information; just that it seems very likely to materialise. No—this has nothing to do with the Sutera Harbour-Angkatan Hebat Hunt.

I have been invited to compose a hunt, and although I would have prefered to hunt instead of setting the hunt, I might just make this one an exception. Considering the financial background and reputation of the organiser, I have a feeling that the top prizes will be attractive enough for the big boys from the west to venture out to this land beneath the wind. Sabahan hunters should therefore be prepared for a stampede from the west! Most of you in KK probably have a very good idea who's the organiser. Who else could it be!

Don't worry, if indeed I end up clerking this hunt, I will try to be kind to you all. Those who've joined my hunts before will know that I do only pure hunts, i.e. no Amazing Race nonsense! Once I get the confirmation from the organiser, I shall make the official announcement here.


Anonymous said...

Here are some of the Seberang hunts scheduled in November:

And the dates for theSun hunt has not been announced.

Hope the organizers will be kind to avoid a clash.

Cornelius said...


I thought theSun Hunt has been fixed on 02 November?

So far the second half of November looks good. I don't think it will clash with other major hunts in the west.

Although I have submitted my quotation to the organizer, I also made it clear that I'd prefer to hunt. They are keen to give the job to a local CoC, but I told them to be very careful with who they choose to undertake the clerking job. The few thousand bucks they can save by employing a local mediocre CoC is just not worth to risk their reputation.

I shall therefore provide them with some established CoCs' contacts soon, so that they will at least have several companies to choose from. But if in the end they still want me to do it, then I will oblige.

The organizer happens to be a good-paymaster client of ours, and if possible I will try to oblige to their request.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, as long as I do not see the forms, I don't consider it a foregone conclusion. I remember the date was also "fixed" on such and such a date in August.

CK said...

you know we will be in right?
whatever date it will be....

Cornelius said...

Don't worry, CK, once it's confirmed, you'll be among the first to know.

By the way, you better do some jogging or brisk-walking exercises. It's gonna be a lot of walking this time!