Sunday, June 29, 2008

KK Challenge 4

Well folks, finally the KK Challenge 4 is over. We had some surprises, but not at the top of the table. This is the result of the hunt (Maximum score is 100 pts):

1) KK Chai, Margaret Sha, VK Chong, Vincent Woo — 91 pts

2) Bernard Liew, Alvin Wong, Christine Netto, Audrey Chin — 85 pts

3) Mary Lokupi, Shirley Lim, Ellen Yee, Dr Liaw — 69 pts

4) Harry Koh, Grace Chong, Chan M H, Vivian Cham — 63 pts

5) CK Tan, C L Teo, Leslie Yew, Frederick — 62 pts

As you can see the top 2 teams are within a class of their own. They are followed by the "chasing pack", all of whom scored in the 60s.

When I set this hunt, I have designed the "achievable score" of 95 pts (so the champions scored almost "perfect"). The remaining 5 pts-question was "reserved for CoC". I suppose there were also other tough questions which could be categorised as "reserved for the CoC", but given the 6 hours hunting time, there was a good opportunity for the teams to solve them. But I will get to them later.

There were 40 route questions for this hunt and 4 treasures, all to be solved within 6 hours, plus 30 minutes penalty time. In spite of the 6 hours, most of the teams got into time trouble. Most of them did not, however, get the time penalty. They opted instead to abandon some tail-end questions in order to arrive at the finish station within the 6 hours. I can only conclude that time management is still one of the most difficult aspect of treasure hunts—especially for pure hunts like this.

As always, I shall discuss some of the interesting questions and their respective analysis. I will do that in separate threads. However, apart from analysing, I also want to reveal my thought process while conjuring up those questions. I'm sure it will be interesting for the hunters to experience hunt questions from the CoC's point of view.


Cornelius said...

I want to say thank you for the emails I've been receiving after this hunt.

I am always open to suggestions; and please know that I am trying my best to accommodate your requests.

Regarding classifications of hunters, I did not think that we have the crowd to do so; and I am also not sure if I have it in me to prepare 2 sets of questions anyway.

To the new-and-upcoming teams, let me assure you that I have been where you are now. I know the feeling of hopelessness against the stronger teams. But there is no short cut. If you really love this sport, may I suggest that you try harder next time. I can't block out Main Tembak and the other usual podium finishers from my hunt. Otherwise I won't have very many teams left to proceed with the hunt anyway!

To the "chasing pack" hunters, I can't block out Main Tembak and the masters. Please know that you yourselves have been marked for disqualification by the new hunters! They're trying very hard to get me to disqualify you from my hunt as well! Be happy that you can at least achieve the prize positions. If you want more, then you will just have to perform better.

And to those who usually fall within the prize positions, but lost to others who managed their time better than you this time, please don't grumble. Come back again next time and prove your strentgh against them with a better time management and overall game plan. It is all within your control.

Remember that the challenge is not only from the questions; but also from the challengers!

Cornelius said...

Well, folks, a promise is a promise. After the KK Challenge 3, I said I will try to learn how to make slideshow for my KK Challenge 4.

Sadly, by the time I posted this report on the KK Challenge 4, I still did not know how to make a slideshow.

Better late than never!

And so I've finally obtained help from one of my fans. I've spent almost the entire afternoon today working on the above slideshow and only now successfully inserted it into this post. Quite a breakthrough for a person like me!... HAHAHA!

But if you know the perfectionist that I am, you will know that I am not very happy with the result. Maybe I will continue to learn how to do the thing. Maybe the pictures will be clearer if I use that.

Anonymous said...

Yo dude? Did you miss this one, again?

From what I read, it was very much like DBKK 2008. KP (Kacang Putih) questions and challenge in the challenges!

By the way, good job on the slideshow. But if you ask me, it needs some funky music or dialogue to spice it up. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Now it doesn't like my "&". Sigh!!!! Need to shorten my name to 2R1I then

Cornelius said...


Yeah, I missed it again. You sure have a strange habit to tell me only when it's over, huh?... hehehe. But I'm not sure I would've gone anyway. I'd rather join hunts with lesser games these days. I really suck in games. There is never ever any hope for me to improve as far as those are concerned!

It's not really about winning prizes (although that would be very good too!). But I don't really enjoy hunts with too many games. I like the challenge in the questions. If I am defeated by the questions, I'm still happy, provided of course those questions are worthy, if you know what I mean.

Regarding the slideshow, you must allow me time to learn it, my friend. I took such a long time just to put up a plain, simple one. It's a big achievement for me, you know! (smile). Of course I will try to learn all those fancy stuff too.

Anonymous said...

What to do ... Our MP's antenna not long enough! I only read about it yesterday, forwarded by a friend. If I had known earlier, there would have been a remote chance that I would have been there, but then again, maybe not!

I thought you being closer to the Oily country, hunt news (since they are so scarce in the East) might have reached you earlier.