Saturday, October 27, 2007

THAT bad, huh?

SOME couples are blessed with wonderful sex lives up to old age. Some are just so-so. Others have miserable sex lives — so much so that they have to seek help from the experts.

For a fee of RM1,600 the good doctor can impart his vast knowledge in sexual intercourse techniques and explain how the problem is to be tackled. But some couples are impatient — they want a quick solution. So why not perform the act in front of the expert and let him be the judge?

I wonder if the doctor has ever been tempted to demonstrate the act himself. Whatever it is, the first time he observed couples having intercourse in front of his very own eyes must have been quite something.


Anonymous said...

sounds more like a pervert.

Cornelius said...

And I bet the good doctor is just waiting to be asked to reveal the names of the couples.

I must admit that I am no expert in the medical field; but I wonder what does it take to beome such an "expert".

I don't mind to take up such a profession, not so much for the live shows; rather for the RM1,600 per 45-minute consultation. Surely that's easy money? All you need to do is watch, then show some pictures, and then go and announce to the press.