Thursday, October 25, 2007

Born to be wild

"Singapore is basically a conservative society ... and we want to keep it so..."

— Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong

Some people are born with wild imagination and inclination — and creatively so too — particularly when it comes to sex. It is not easy to say what is proper and what is not when it comes to sex.

What happens when a Government enacts laws that define the manner or limits of permissible sexual acts between two mutually-consenting heterosexual adults? Are we restricted to a prescribed guidelines on what is deemed proper and what is not by the law-makers?

Singaporeans would be relieved to know that their Government has decided to relax the law — although just a bit — to allow oral and anal sex between heterosexual adults. However, sex amongst homosexuals is still an act of "gross indecency" under Singapore laws, and punishable with a jail term of up to two years.

I doubt that any thorough research has been done on this matter, but one has to wonder if any mutually-consenting heterosexual adults have ever been caught having oral or anal sex in the past; and how they were dealt with...


. said...

Singapore is kinda open le .... for e.g you have Red Light District in Geyland .... See my post about Geyland la in under category "Stupid Stuff"

Julie Tan said...

Hi CKoh,
Actually this is interesting, while I was on business trip for 1 month in SG a few years back. My male counterparts in SG told me, it's hard to get a gf in SG. This is because, the guys have to do national service for about 2 years then only complete their university education. This leaves them a little bit behind to their female counterpart in age and education wise.
Another thing he told me, SG girls are materialistic, if the guy does not have a car, cash, they don't even want to look at them.
One thing i noticed, the girls over there are quite conscious on their looks - dressing and lots of make up. I noticed a few of the female colleagues in SG need to have mirrors at their cubicle to admire at their looks :))

Cornelius said...

Umm... yeah, mr "dot", sir, thanks for the comments. Based on the tracking software, I seem to have some fans from as far as Burlingame, California and Waukegan Illinois in the USA. They have been coming back here quite regularly since I started this blog.

And now it's nice to know that we have someone from Singapore too!

Well, "dot", I didn't suggest that Singaporeans are not open. If you read between the lines, I was trying to imply the usefulness of the law against oral/anal sex. I mean, if the couple did it on mutual consent, who's gonna know about it? Well, unless they're gonna do it in public for everyone to see! Therefore, if no one is gonna know about it, then the law will never be enforced?

The only way for the gov't to enforce that law would be to ambush couples when they're having sex, and THAT would be a first, I'd bet!

Most of all, I'm having trouble to accept such intrusion of privacy. What right has any government in meddling into people's sex lives?

Cornelius said...

julie dear,

You are truly my loyal fan. Thanks, dear.

But I think in your excitement, you've posted a comment in the wrong thread! THIS thread is about governments running people's sex lives... hehehe

I think your comment here is meant for the other thread entitled "Up, Even, Down". So I will try to copy and then paste your comment to the other thread. And I want to respond too, except that I'm busy now... I will do it later.

Julie Tan said...

hehe... :)) ya been having some problem with work this morning. So a bit blur. But now am a bit relax so thought I go through your blog.