Friday, April 23, 2010

The Perfect Victim

Can you still remember that nerd in school who was small and frail; his hair combed all the way from the front to the back and held concretely in place whole day long; glasses which looked more like a pair of binoculars? At the canteen, he would sit alone and try so hard to stoop very low so as to ensure that no one would notice his existence? He had that "Please, by all means, bully me as much as you like" written all over his face?

It's weird if you come to think of it, but there is one such creature in almost every generation in most schools. They are the perfect source of entertainment. The teachers can only observe from afar—sympathetically. These are the kind of people who are the perfect victims whose only sin is to have been born into this world; accidents just waiting to happen, if you like. And whenever they are caught up in fights or anything unpleasant, there's a 99% chance that they are the victims.

And so, when an orphaned girl of 14 cries rape, there is that tendency to immediately conclude that she is the victim. Because, of course, she is just the perfect candidate to be a victim. Who cares what happens to an orphan, right? [The Star]

She claimed that she was raped repeatedly over the last three weeks in several places in school—in the canteen, field and classroom. And the rape which took place in the classroom apparently happened during recess.

Three weeks! Think about it! For a period of three freakin' weeks, the perpetrators repeatedly raped her all over the school, and no one knew. Well, OK, no one other than those involved in the act. And I'm guessing that it's within those 3 weeks that someone, somehow, managed to insert a pencil into her private part and that pencil has remained there without her knowledge until last Tuesday.

I must make it a point to ensure that my JJ knows that pencils are for writing—and only for writing.

I think there is something deeper here, and I'm not even talking about the pencil. Raped repeatedly for a span of three weeks, but she is a month pregnant. Doesn't really add up. Maybe the doctors miscalculated? Or maybe this sex all over the school thing (and possibly beyond the school's vicinity) has been going on a bit longer than three weeks?

Seems like there are some jigsaw pieces still missing from the whole picture. She does seem like she can easily qualify to be the perfect victim in this story, of course. I'm thinking, I won't be surprised if she's not! But I accept I may be wrong...


Socrates29 said...

This is indeed a very sad thing to happen to an orphan and in a school.

Much as I sympathized the poor girl's predicament, one thing really puzzles me - the pencil logged inside her.

Like you said, the girl may not be so innocent and naive as she appears to be.
I suspect how the pencil got where it was (inside her) was the result of her failed attempt to abort the foetus inside her.
Just my 2 cents anyway!

Cornelius said...


As dangerous and unlikely as it may be, this self-performed abortion has been known to be successful for some people. But still - y'know, a pencil, of all the things in the world!