Saturday, April 24, 2010

KK Challenge 6—Photos

Well, folks, a little late, but here are some of the photos from this hunt as promised.

Somewhat too small, I know, but I have the original size taken at 10 megapixel which I'll be sending out to the teams via email soon.

Team No Plastic Bags, stuck at the very first question of the hunt. But as you can see, they're all smiles! Sadly, they eventually left this sector without finding the answer.

Meanwhile, Jaco, the remaining member of No Plastic Bags, decides to work on the clues in the car. This strategy didn't work too well though.

Sophia Lai of Cili Padi. She is pretty as is hardworking. They eventually tembak E'Wen correctly. Way to go, Cili Padi!

Team PAAMAD, adopting the all-stay-in-the-car strategy for this sector.

And here's Talissa and Andrea of Team PAAMAD again, this time hunting on foot in this sector.

And of course it is very amusing, at least to the CoC, to see all these people walking aimlessly in the hot sun.

Buddy, yet another hardworking member of Cili Padi. Now, listen to the CoC, Cili Padi, do something about your treasure clues. Submitting only one of four required treasures is not gonna help your team very much!

If not for the KK Challenge 6, I wonder how frequently people like Gan Po Tiau of The FourGetables spend this much time in the morning sun.

The Fabulous Mamas, making a comeback after a 2-year break. Obviously very happy to be back again.

The remaining team members of The Fabulous Mamas. Equally happy to be back to treasure hunting again.

Team B+, finally hunting together once again after a long break. Some of you may recognise Vivian (the not-so-tall one with a wonderful smile)who hunted with me in the Palliative Care Association Hunt last year.

And this is Ah Moon of Team B+. Well, actually her full name is Chan Mon Hueg. Don't ask me, I honestly don't know how to pronounce that "Hueg", but according to Ah Moon, it's most certainly not huge. She uses the abbreviation CMH at the office, but not to be mistaken for cha mee hoon. As you can see, she appears to be perpetually baffled.

The Farmerz, first introduced to the wonderful world of treasure hunting last year, and has since been hopelessly addicted to the game.

The Farmerz once again, still showing the thumb up. Way to go, Framerz!... just a bit more, and you will be there soon!

The family team of Jolly Roger. A loyal supporter of the KK Challenge series. Been within the top 3 finishers before, but requires a bit of fine-tuning.

The Green Spot working together on the Trivia Challenge at mid-point control station.

And this is Shirley and Dr Liaw of Green Spot. From Shirley's expression, you can tell that she doesn't think that the "Beautiful garden" is amusing at all.

FLAME at the Trivia Challenge. I must say that they performed beyond my expectation this time. I somehow have the impression that this team has the tendency to give up somewhat too quickly in the past. But this time, they fought hard till the end, thus finally achieving third place. Well done, FLAME!

But of course after the Trivia Challenge, it's a good idea to quickly grab a bite to recharge the mind.

Richard and Jeffrey of Team Just Four Fun, consulting that huge intimidating dictionary.

Just Four Fun once again, braving the hot sun in search for the last answer for Leg 1 of the hunt. Unfortunately, they suffered temporary blindness, and failed to find the required answer: BLIND.

However, not all of the team members of Just Four Fun are so brave to endure the hot sun. George (middle) decides he could work equally well from under the shade.

When it comes to slow and steady, none of the teams can beat M2. Come rain or shine, they will play the game at their own pace. They come, they hunt, they reach the end station and incur a 4-point time penalty and set the record for the biggest penalty of the hunt!

I know Alvin and Audrey of Team Main Tembak don't look very amused in this photo. But trust me folks, they're having a swell time!

I know I have said it a few times that day, but I just wanna say it again here for the record: I just love those hats! Way to go, Tomb Raiders!

A team member of Tembak Bukan Sembarang Tembak, showing off his soya bean milk. Check out those buns in the plastic bag on the passenger seat!

And while their friend is enjoying his soya bean in the car, these two are busy searching for the "Beautiful Garden", not realising that the answer is located very closeby of course. If only they would look behind, instead of just focusing on the shops all the time. By the way, she is an expert about dwarfs, and won a colour printer because of her expertise!

Innocent Hunters, Claire Chin, Sin Yoong Leong, Chai Koh Khai, the Champion of KK Challenge 6.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I wanna join.

Cornelius said...

Haha! Sarah, unfortunately we don't have very many hunts here in KK. I think last year we had the most. And "the most" was 5 hunts. In KL they probably have at least 40-50 hunts in a year, not counting the closed hunts. That would explain why the KL folks had what looked like a leisurely ride in this hunt, and still won by a huge margin!

By the way, Sarah, when are you moving to Malaysia? And are you gonna settle in Sabah?