Saturday, April 24, 2010


At approximate 4:30pm today, which was just a little over 20 minutes ago, I made a major, life-altering, breakthrough—I actually registered myself on Facebook! So many people—oh! you have no idea how many people—have been asking me for my Facebook name all the time, and I have come to a stage where I would feel a bit embarrassed for not having a Facebook account! I mean, people would actually give you that look, if you know what I mean, if you don't have a Facebook account, as if they're saying, "Which planet are you from?"

And so, today, I am making this earth-shattering announcement that I am on Facebook too! So go ahead, y'all, ask me if I'm on Facebook!

I've been spending, I think, about 10 minutes on Facebook so far, and I haven't the slightest clue what's the excitement all about. And as of now, I don't even know how to post anything. I'm seeing some familiar names in my so-called homepage, and have spent a bit of time viewing mostly pictures and short messages.

It took me like a million years, but I have finally arrived on Facebook. Wow! I am really on Facebook! And now I think I will spend the next million years to figure out what to do with my Facebook account.


Cornelius said...

Yet another breakthrough! A friend who found out that I now have a Facebook requested to be added as a friend, which I obliged!

I then checked out his Facebook, but not very sure what to do there. Somewhere at the top of the page, there was a blank space, and it said "Write something..." So I wrote: SOMETHING

And it worked!

OK, enough breakthroughs for one day. Am going to bed now. Running 10km-12km first thing tomorrow morning. G'nite folks!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Good for you! Add me!! When you figure it out... lol =)

Cornelius said...


A much faster and less stressful approach is that you request to be added. That request will then appear in my emailbox. And all I need to do then is to click on "confirm"... hehehe

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I found you on FB, but I am unable to add you as a friend or write on your wall... ??? I think you have to mess with your settings or something.

Cornelius said...

Really, Sarah? Hmmm... that's strange, coz I've got some ppl added that way. But let me try to find you and add. Not sure about messing around with FB, I'm already quite messed up as it is right now!... hahaha!