Friday, April 16, 2010

Look Who's Talking

He said he stopped communicating with Melvin and did not reply to his messages ... because he felt something was not right.

Look who's talking! It's not clear if it's something that "Melvin" said; or was he referring to what Melvin wanted from him, but "something was not right"? This coming from someone who masturbated through the internet to show his friend how to do it right! The way I see it, maybe there's something not quite right up there with this lad from Sarawak. In fact, I dare say he deserved the trouble he is in right now.

But who the hell is this Melvin fellow anyway? Was the guy who showed up at his house really Melvin? Or was that only the scapegoat? I think it is quite possible that this Sarawakian chap is taken for a ride.

Now this is food for thought—I wonder if what Nalla said about his old pal was true. I thought it was quite far-fetched that his friend would actually migrate to Sarawak for the sole purpose of "capturing" the state in the next general election. [The Star]

Hmmm... now that Chong is telling us this story about "Melvin", I don't know, if indeed Nalla's friend is migrating to Sarawak, maybe there are other reasons for it... I mean other than winning the election and becoming the Prime Minister.

Truly, this is a mad, mad world, don't you think?

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