Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For Want Of Respect

Tiger Woods has recently come back to competitive golf after several months of a self-imposed exile from the spotlights. But actually, he hasn't really been very successful in living a quiet life—thanks to the many women he slept with, whom were mostly out to profit from his misery.

Apparently, millions of bucks have been paid for their silence. But I have a feeling that for a person like Woods, those millions were merely like a few drops of water in a bucket. I doubt that he will lose much sleep because of the money. Whatever it is, I think he deserved it.

I can accept that Woods is after all flesh and blood, and therefore may become vulnerable to temptations. And because of his fame and richness, there will be plenty of temptations around him. I may be wrong, but I am convinced that he really did go through hell when his wife finally found out about his favourite pastime. It took a while, but he has since come out and admitted his mistakes and claimed that he's taking full responsibility for them. That's quite a brave thing to do.

Of the women who slept with him, I doubt that any of them seriously believed that they could eventually win his heart. I think from the very beginning, it was all about bragging rights—that they actually had sex with the one and only Tiger Woods! I'm also convinced that the notion of potentially selling their stories must have crossed their minds too.

All said and done, I don't condone Tiger's behaviour, cheating on his wife. But I also can't accept how these women are profiting from him now. But then again, I suppose one can't expect anything very highly from these women anyway.

Of all those women, I'm attracted to this news about a porn star named Joslyn James. Reportedly, she's not interested in the money. Instead she's expecting an apology from Woods. According to Joanna Molloy, the writer of the article, "What James wants is R-E-S-P-E-C-T," which is quite amusing, really. She is a freakin' porn star, for crying out loud, who's probably had had sex with practically everyone in town. Maybe to her, that is not a very shameful thing to do for a living, I don't know. She wants respect; yet she hasn't a clue what that word means. She should first learn to respect herself, maybe that is a good start. And speaking of apology, perhaps Elin deserves it much more than she?

I was having lunch with my brother, Dennis, in a coffee shop not too long ago, and a friend who happened to pass by then joined us. After lunch, Dennis had to run, and I was left with my friend. I'm not sure if it's something that Dennis said to me, but my friend asked me what I did to make Dennis respect me like that. I told him quite truthfully that I did not make my brother respect me. Respect is earned—not demanded. And quite often some people have high expectations, and it will take quite a lot to earn their respect!

I think Miss James should learn the meaning of that word R-E-S-P-E-C-T. And maybe she can then learn to respect herself in the process. Perhaps there is something good about this woman, but I can't think of anything respectful about her right now. And if it's true that she rejected the money, and only expecting an apology and respect, then I must say she's really dumb. That would explain why she's only good for a porn star.


Socrates29 said...

Finally,at last you brought up the subject of Tiger Woods in your blog.
After waiting patiently for so long I thought you will never bring it up since this case attracted so much attention around the world.

As for Ms James here, all I can say, like the masseuse Lia,from K.L. who has serviced more than 1,000 men with libido problem,she is also a service provider too.As long as her services are required,be it Tiger or somebody else, such women will always be around.

With regard to Tiger Woods,all I can say is that he has poor taste in women. Look at the women he chose to play around with. They are either bar hostesses,pr ladies, porno stars,etc.

I mean With his kind of money and fame, he could have actresses and models instead of going for cheaper stuffs like bar hostesses and porno stars like Ms James here.

As for respect which Ms James is pining for, the only respect she will likely get is maybe the usual "last respects" when her 2 legs are finally closed together and she is inside a box buried 6 feet under.
Just ny 2 cents.

Cornelius said...

Not really, Socrates29, not poor taste in women. In fact, I think quite on the contrary! This fellow likes something extraordinary, e.g. rough sex, which he can buy from women like those he slept with. Besides, maybe he thought in the event of exposure, it's easier to buy them off for their silence. Well, obviously he's mistaken, because now there is a dumb one among them who's only expecting an apology and respect, and not the money. But of course she will want the money sooner or later. Why else did she let everyone else use her body all this while if not for the money?