Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I signed in to my Facebook and started typing what I thought was a short message. Unfortunately, I forgot that I am cursed with the problem of including too many information even when they're not necessary. After I finished with my "short" story, I tried to post it, but a box emerged on the monitor and said my message was too long; there is a limit on Facebook. So instead of deleting and wasting the effort, I thought I'd just cut and copy what I wrote, and post it here. Thank goodness I still have this blog!

Here's that message:

On my way back to the office from visiting some business friends, I made a detour to Damai Specialist Centre (DSC). I have a bit of problem with my ears which I've been neglecting for a while now. Thought I might as well deal with it today. I think someone mentioned that the service at the public hospitals is just too slow, so even if private hospitals are more expensive, it's still a better option!

Well, I reached DSC and had to go round a few times to get a parking. At the reception desk on the ground floor I was directed to Counter 1 on the first floor. Finally, I wrote my name, birthday and phone numbers in the appointment book. So now I am all set to see the doctor at 4:40pm on 4th May 2010. That's about one-week-and-5-hours' wait. So much for fast service.


jamilin8 said...

Hey Cornelius, try using the Note application in facebook.

Cornelius said...

Oh! jamilin8, you mean there is something I could use in FB for longer messages, huh? OK, I will try to play around the FB applications, and see if I can find this "Note application" thing... hehehe