Monday, July 20, 2009

Palliative Care Association Charity Treasure Hunt—Final Update

Well, folks, this is the final update leading to the Palliative Care Association Charity Treasure Hunt 2009 which will be held this Sunday, July 26.

I was just on the phone with Ellen Yee who's been working very, very hard to make this hunt a success. A bit of bad news and good news. First, the bad news. With just a few days left to the hunt day, we have only managed to achieve about 50 teams as of today. So based on verbal commitments from some friends, we'd probably be seeing around 60 teams on Sunday. It's still a big crowd by KK standard, but short of 40 teams from the expected 100 teams. At any rate, all system go and the hunt shall proceed rain or shine!

Another bad news is that Mia has decided to withdraw from this hunt so that she can focus fully on JJ for her coming exams. Mia is overly concerned with JJ's grades, you see. During her first exams, JJ got 20th in her class. Mia was devastated. She then went all out to supervise JJ's revisions, and during the second exams, JJ improved to 8th. I hope she won't get first this time round; otherwise she won't have any room for improvements (smile). Anyway, I've since invited Vivian onboard. Vivian is our Research Executive. Her own team can't make it this time, so she's agreed to join us. I am confident she will be able to help me in breaking hunt clues. I just hope it's enough to keep our friends from the West on their toes!

The good news, according to Ellen, is that they have more sponsors coming in. Which means more teams will be bringing home something. But I don't mind another laptop and a couple of hampers myself. I could use some of those when it's my turn to organise my KK Challenge 5 later this year.

A bit of confusion regarding the briefing for this hunt. Earlier, I was told that it's gonna be held at the PCAKK office, but by my latest tele-conversation with Ellen, the briefing will be held at:

Business Centre, Level 4, Novotel, 1Borneo at 2:00pm this Saturday

Please come early, and if you arrived there too early, you can also shop around 1Borneo. I'm sure the sponsor would love that very much; in fact, if they're really happy, we might get a second hunt next year? I'm sure Team Kena Tembak will be pleased to clerk the second hunt too!

I have some kind of understanding with Alvin Wong—that we will take turns to clerk hunts here in KK for some of the freak hunters. My next one will be the KK Challenge 5, which some of you are already pestering me for the specific date! And another one will be an official charity hunt around March or April next year.

If any of you have any questions regarding this hunt (except what questions will be asked during the hunt, fo course), please feel free to raise them here. I have invited Ellen to visit this blog and add to my comments as well as answer questions if necessary. Good luck to all teams (but of course I hope I have more luck than you all)!


CK said...

thanks for the update corny and this time... i won't miss it AGAIN!!!!! see you this sunday!!!

Cornelius said...


Glad to know that you'll be there this Sunday. But I don't know if I have submitted the entry form for your team... HAHAHA!... Nah... just kidding.

Whatever you do, CK, just make sure you won't beat my team, OK? (smile)

CK said...

aiya.. corny... we can't beat you lah... now you have new blood in your team.. lagi takde chance lah kitorang....

Cornelius said...

Yeah right, CK, while we are all busy saying the other teams are stronger, in the end we will most probably see the top prize drifting away to the West! Don't forget that Hunters "R" Us will be there this Sunday; and they're tagging along virtually the best hunter in Malaysia too. Do you really think any of us Sabahans can stop them kah? All of us tried very hard last February, but they still took away the top prize, remember?

Cornelius said...

Just to announce here that I have submitted the last of 2 entry forms to the Palliative Care Association this morning. Those were the last entry forms I'm helping to submit. IF there are still any of you who'd like to join this hunt, and IF the association is still accepting teams, please submit directly to their office near the QEH off Jln Penampang. You can call 088-231505.

I am surprised that some of you are still unaware that I AM NOT THE CLERK OF COURSE for this hunt. In fact, my own team will be hunting in this hunt. The CoC is Team Kena Tembak (Alvin Wong & Co). I am only helping the organiser to promote the hunt, but I don't know much about the setting of the hunt, i.e. the format, number of questions, treasures, tulips etc. I'm afraid we will all have to wait till the briefing this Saturday afternoon to find out from Alvin himself.