Friday, December 19, 2008


It's been a little over a year since I started this blog, and I surprise myself that I've posted well over 200 articles. Although many of my readers are from the treasure hunt fraternity, there're also many other readers who stumbled upon this blog because of the many other subjects I write about.

Those who did not find this blog through my treasure hunting friends have generally arrived here because they were led here from their searches via google or yahoo etc. From an invisible counter which is linked to this blog, I am able to trace what are the popular articles in this blog—those which have been attracting many, many people to this blog.

Well, I'd like to share with my readers 5 of the so-called "evergreens" of this blog—people from all over the world just keep coming here for them!:

An article wherein I related the story from my schooling days in Sultan Abdul Samad, PJ. You'd be surprised how frequently people are making searches originating from the word "pantat", which eventually led them to this blog!

What's even more amazing is that those searches are sometimes very specific too. I have seen searches for "pantat melayu", "main pantat", "cari pantat" and even "suka main pantat"!

Usually towards the end of the year, I get many visitors from the western world who'd be looking for more information (or perhaps comparing prices) between turkeys and chickens. Since a few weeks ago, I've had quite a number of people finding their ways to this blog. Ahhh... that Christmas spirit is so wonderful, huh?

An article I wrote about tattoo business which's apparently becoming fashionable again. I'm not very sure why people keep hitting my blog because of this article. I think many people want to know more about tattoos and body-piercings.

An article I wrote based on a link I received from one of my loyal readers. Many people were searching for "steel benches" and found their ways here. Others were searching for "parks" etc. I can only guess that they must have been annoyed when they found an article about an idiot instead!

A little experiment I made in this blog to illustrate a point about how boys and girls think differently—how they'd work out their problems and arrive at their respective solutions. Very interesting indeed and I still maintain that there's a lot of truth in the experiment too! Those of you who've not read it before, try out the experiment. And then find out if you really have the mind of a boy or girl here. Don't cheat!

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