Saturday, December 27, 2008

Last One for 2008

I have a shrewd suspicion that the hunting fraternity in the west is up to no good! (Smile). They simply had to wait until the very last minute before confirming that the Christmas Charity Hunt is on after all. It will be held on Monday, 29 December. Unless if I am mistaken, this will be the last hunt of 2008.

Apparently very few teams have signed up for this hunt until just a day or two ago. The hunt was at risk of getting cancelled. But, y'know, Malaysians being who they are, a number of them signed up at the last minute. And so it is now confirmed that we have a greenlight for the Christmas Charity Hunt 2008!

About a month ago, a friend texted me about this hunt. There is absolutely nothing to shout about as far as the prizes are concerned. But what's unique is that it will be a joint effort betweem the Time Out Solutions' folks and Lawrence Hie.

It costs me a fortune to buy the plane tickets at this last minute (I can easily make two return trips under normal circumstances), but I simply can't afford to miss this hunt. But I hope not to get what I got in the Mensa about two weeks ago. I don't mind the general knowledge questions, really, but at least don't make it so straightforward lah!

I'll be flying to KL tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed. I'm sure I have something interesting to report when I return... Stay tuned.

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