Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Running—Virtue Of Stretching

A bunch of guys were drinking in a pub one evening. Then all heads turned when a gorgeous young woman walked in. She raised her hand to call the waiter, thus exposing an unusually hairy armpit! The waiter took the order and brought her her drink.

Later on, one of the guys sitting at the bar, obviously drunk, pulled out some cash and said to the bar tender: "I'm paying for the beautiful ballerina too."

The bar tender was surprised; he said: "You mean you know that young woman?"

"Nah—not really; I just feel like buying her a drink," said the drunk man.

The bar tender said: "But how did you know that she's a ballerina?"

"Because only ballerinas can lift their legs that high, of course!"


The flexibility of the likes of ballerinas and gymnasts can never cease to amaze me. I am convinced that one has to be born with that kind of flexibility. These people probably spend hours each day stretching their bodies. Otherwise they are bound to lose such flexibility.

Since I started training for the half marathon, so many people have been recommending me to do some stretching before my runs. But I haven't been doing much. Some friends who've joined marathons before also wrote to me about the virtue of stretching before and after my runs. Because of the overwhelming number of people who recommended me to incorporate stretching in my trainings, I decided to google up some information about it.

To my surprise, stretching has many benefits to the runners [Marathon Training Programme: Stretching]. I should've googled up these information earlier than this. Maybe that is one of the reasons why I feel my muscles are slow in recovery after my long runs. Apparently stretching before and after the runs can help to minimise muscle soreness and fatigue. I shall try harder to spend some time to stretch before my runs. Hopefully my legs will recover faster.

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