Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lexis Nexis Hunt 2008—Blunder Worth RM1,000

Finally, we come to the question that eluded my team. Had we been able to solve this question, we would have been within the top 3 winners—possibly even the runner-up. Several teams were tied with one mistake only, but I happen to know that the other teams failed in the SKYLACE question. The tie-break would have favoured my team. Therefore, this particular blunder is worth RM1,000 to my team!

Q3) Swiss break in proceedings resulted in this.

"Swiss" is CH. Then "break in proceedings" is PAUSE. The words "resulted in" are taken together as the anagram indicator. And finally the word "this" refers to the answer which is found on the signboard. The letters in PAUSE is rearranged to become ASE UP on account of the anagram indicator. Then they are combined with the CH to derive the answer: CHASE UP. Simple, is it not?

A3) Salun Rambut CHASE UP

It's very embarrasing not to get this answer. Looking at it right now from the comfort of my home, I really can't forgive myself for this blunder. But, y'know, mistakes like this sometimes happen no matter what you do! I have a feeling that even some new teams might have solved it, though it's possible that some of them just made a wild guess!

I have no excuse for this particular failure. I never felt so dumb in my life! The question is commendable. Although all of us in my team are not very experienced, this question was within our reach. Isn't it ironic that we managed to solve the other questions which were "faulty"; yet we failed in a perfectly tight question like this?

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