Friday, January 4, 2008

Variety of Menu

Many years ago, I had a friend who's a womanizer. He frequently told stories of his adventures with different women. He'd experienced all sorts of adventures—at the back seat of his car with a parking attendant; in the bushes in a public park; even in the office where he's supposed to do overtime! I asked him why so many women? He gave me two reasons: firstly, for the sake of variety; and secondly, for the thrill of doing it and getting away with it!

I hope if ever my wife grows tired of me and wants to try her luck with another man, she'd tell me outright. I wouldn't know how to react if I found out that she's doing it behind my back. The thought of sharing a woman with another man is quite unbearable!

With all the excitement subsequent to Dr Chua's new year surprise, one can't help thinking about cheating spouses. Is there a way to know if your spouse is cheating on you? While I was contemplating posting an article on this very question, a friend sent me a link on this very subject. I find it interesting and would like to share it with you people. It's quite a long article, but perhaps it will come in useful for some of us—if only as a checklist, to be sure.

But of all the so-called "symptoms" of a cheating spouse, one stood out as very strange to me. Under "Special interest in appearance and personal grooming", it says "They start trimming their pubic hair".

Of course I was at the verge of dying because of uncontrollable laughter, but really, I can't understand the significance of trimming the pubic hair when having an affair. At least I don't think that that would be high on my list of priorities if I am having an affair. I know women are difficult to understand, but trimming pubic hair for an affair? I can't see the connection—apart from the rhyme!


Anonymous said...

I can confirm that it's nothing strange about that at all.

Cornelius said...

No kidding, walking on thin ice!

I haven't had the pleasure of fooling around with young girls, so I'm unable to tell what's strange and what's not with cheating spouses.

I can only guess that some women are conscious of how they appear to their lovers; that they will try to look very "presentable". Hence they'd want to remove all those ugly hairs. But then what does that mean? Does it mean that when they're with their husbands, they don't really care that they're hairy like a gorilla? Why only start trimming when they have an affair? That's the strange part to me. I suppose you have an explanation?

CK said...

i can only laugh.
i guess there's no explanations to a lot of things and this is one of the many

Anonymous said...

It's normally more mature women whom are more sensitive about such minute things. It's not really about appearance, we genuinely care for the lover's hygiene. With the husband, he seldom, if ever go there anyway.

Cornelius said...

Thanks for enlightening us, walking on thin ice.

If you don't mind sharing with us:

1) Although as you said, the hubby hardly "ever go there", when he does, is there any guilty feeling towards the lover?

2) Why do it secretly; why not just end the marriage and then embark on a new one? No need to play the sneaking around thing?