Friday, January 18, 2008

Amazing "Thon"

A labourer was on the 4th floor of a high-rise building which was still under construction. He needed a saw, but wanted to save the journey walking all the way down to the ground floor. So he decided to ask his colleague to send it up to him instead.

The construction site was right in the middle of the city, and because of the loud noises from the traffic, drilling and knocking from the construction, and passing airplanes over the sky above, his friend on the ground floor couldn't hear what he was saying. So he decided to use the sign language to communicate with his friend.

He pointed to his eye—meaning "I". Then he pointed to his knee—meaning "need". And finally he acted out with his hand the action of using a saw; thus completing the sentence: I need a saw.

Upon seeing this, his friend on the ground floor dropped his pants and started masturbating!

The guy on the 4th floor was furious. He ran down to the ground floor and barked at his friend, "What do you think you are doing, you moron! I said, I need a saw!"

"I know what you meant," said his friend, "I was just signalling back to you that I am coming soon".

But jokes aside, how many of us would dare to masturbate openly like that? Unless we are insane, I'm sure none of us would. That's why this thing about masturbating as a means of fund-raising is quite amazing to me. We've had so many kinds of "thons" here in Malaysia—telethon, marathon, joggathon, climbathon etc. But it will probably take generations from now—if ever—before we get to see a masturbate-a-thon on our shores.

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