Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Suppressing The Itch

We have all experienced it before, haven't we? We are in a crowded place and then suddenly there's that itch in the embarrassing part of our bodies. What do we do then? Perhaps if there's a public toilet closeby, we could go there to relieve the damn itch. But some of us are not so discreet. We relieve the itch like nobody's business, right there for the whole world to see!

The next time I go around town, I will try to remember not to behave as I please. I'd be conscious that whatever I do might end up getting recorded on a CCTV, and then if not used against me, it would at least be a source of amusement by the police personnels who're supposed to use the system for the prevention of crime. Who knows, a few years down the road, if I ended up becoming somebody important, I might be blackmailed with a video clip showing me in the crime of scratching my balls in public. Thank goodness, I rarely ever get that kind of itch!

But really, do these CCTV systems actually work? The CCTV recording in Nurin's case was sent all the way to the FBI in the States. Apparently it went through the so-called enhancement process; then sent back to us. And at the end of all those complicated procedures, we were unable to tell even the car registration numbers.

The other possible use of the CCTV is that, in the event of a crime in progress, and the police is monitoring the system around the clock, then the police would be able to react on the spot to stop that crime. Are we to believe that the police will religiously watch over so many cameras all over town like a hawk? And then when and if they spot any crime in progress, will be in time to react?

Yeah, right!

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Anonymous said...

there are speed trap "pondok" along Plus Highway with dummy cop complete with speed trap camera.

so are many of the cameras you see in lifts. most are dummy camera.

the idea is to deter, not to catch.