Thursday, January 17, 2008


It is a fine day for hunting. He sets out into the jungle with his home-made shotgun—known locally as the bakakuk. It is of course an illegal weapon. But hey! almost everyone has one! It's around this time of the day that the wild boar would normally roam the jungle for food. And true enough, he stumbles upon a wild boar. He aims; he shoots—bang! And the animal drops to the ground...

Imagine his horror when he finds out that it was his brother-in-law that he's shot—not a wild boar. And if that's not bad enough, of all the parts in the body, he shot his in-law's crotch. Ouch!

If you were a hunter, would you aim at the pig's genital? OK, forget about the genital; would you mistake a man and a wild boar? The poor ugly man (I say he's ugly because he looks like a pig) ended up in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. That's an approximate 3 hours' ride from Kota Marudu. I hope they didn't leave any parts of his genital in the jungle. If—and that's a big IF—the doctors are able to salvage his genital (or what's left of it), it's probably unlikely that he'll ever be able to use it other than for urinating.

The next time our Rotary Club does a charity project in Kota Marudu, I'm not going anywhere near the jungle!

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