Wednesday, January 2, 2008

To Err is Human...

"I will never let people down, I will not let it affect or hinder me from performing my duties as a minister, MP or party leader."

—Health Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek

If I am going to watch some pornographic videos, I think I'll make sure that I choose those featuring young, beautiful and sexy couples. I doubt that I will ever waste my time on watching a 60-year old man having sex. But of course I suppose some people will watch it anyway out of curiosity.

People sometimes forget that ministers are also humans; and humans make mistakes. But it is strange that most of us impose a higher "standard" from people like the Health Minister—that he is not supposed to blunder the way he did with a young woman not even half of his age. The majority of us expect a more respectable behaviour from this guy.

I must find out the name of the hotel wherein the CCTV was installed for the recording of the minister's adventures, so that I will know which hotel to avoid when and if I ever visit Johor. Not that I have plans to be as adventurous as the minister any time soon. Who knows, when I am 60, I might just be tempted to do so?

It was very brave of the Health Minister to admit publicly that he was the main star of the DVD. But I wonder if that bravery was merely a damage-control measure—that it's better to come clean about the DVD, because the truth was going to surface in the end anyway. There might just be a chance that if he admits the matter now, he might be able to salvage whatever trust his supporters still have for him. And I wonder if he would have readily come forward with such admission had there been no CCTV installed in the hotel room.

But to err is human; to forgive is divine...

Will his supporters forgive him? Bill Clinton's supporters did; so perhaps the good doctor will also be forgiven by his supporters.

One hour session, and several sexual positions. Sounds like the guy can still perform extremely well in bed at the age of 60—it makes me blush! I'm in my early forties, and I'm unable to achieve a one-hour session! I obviously have a lot to learn from the good doctor.

I think the minister was very brave to say that "I will never let people down...", because actually I'm sure a lot of people, especially his wife, must be feeling that they've been let down by this guy right now. But if it were me, I will forgive the minister. As I said, he is only human after all. It is not easy to fight the temptation of a twenty-something woman.

So what's next? Do we get a video clip on something more dramatic by another BN minister? Always a lot of fun before the general election, huh?


CK said...

i think it's very brave of you to admit that you can't achieve one hour session.
well... tat's pretty honest.

the irony of this case is that the bravery to admit a mistake is such a rare commodity among politicians but tis bravey will definitely cost him his political career. known as a no-nonsense minister, it's kinda sad though i believe some medicine student or soon-to-be-doctor can't help smiling now...

Cornelius said...


I don't have to be brave to admit that I can't achieve a one-hour session! But I guess it's not something we men need to worry about, huh? When the time comes, the little blue pills can save our day; so if I really need to perform on a 20-year old, there will be the blue pills to the rescue! But I hope I won't need them for some more years still!

Regarding our friend, the doctor, perhaps it's a blessing in disguise. He has today resigned from all his political posts. It's a good age for retirement anyway. We have too many people who are waaaaay past their respective tenures in office. So I guess it's a good opportunity to make way for an "equally capable" person to helm the Health Ministry?

Anonymous said...

He holds a public office so his life is public concern. It's only right, he resign.

Someone I know, who is cheating said that there is a lesson to be learn here! He was commenting on what the doc said about "his mistake is that he check-in into the same hotel, same room everytime"

My friend's golden rule is never use the same place all the time.He never keeps any toll, parking receipts. He uses different routes to the girl's place everyday.

Basically he said don't make anything a habit.

Interestingly he also said don't break any habits with the wife and family. It will raise suspicions.

btw, I think guys get it wrong about what women find important in a sexual relationship. It is not about size, duration,style and all those kind of stuff that we men takes pride in. Like this friend of mine was saying if a man can stay up after and talk to her and not roll over and snore, all the other things above are secondary.

To a woman, it's a communication tool not just pressure valve

Cornelius said...

Wow! your friend is a pro, delurk! That's a whole load of mind-boggling and valuable tips. If ever I want to cheat on my wife, I will know what and how to do it!... hehehe.

I've heard of that one before, delurk—that part about women wanting the "communication" thing. In fact, it has become something like an automatic answer—almost expected from women.

But in reality the act itself counts for a lot too. If the woman does not really achieve satisfaction in the act all the time, then no amount of talking afterwards will be able to make her happy! I don't buy the idea that the act isn't that important to women. But of course women don't admit it. It won't sound right coming from them somehow.

Coming back to the doctor, what a way to start a new year! Telling the truth isn't always a good policy. And like I said before, we just don't know if he would have been so honest if there was no DVD in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I was referring to the whole thing as a communication thing not just the post talk.

The doc said his biggest mistake is getting caught (not that he cheated on his wife) so surely no DvD no confession.

Cornelius said...

Oh! looks like I don't have to go through the trouble of researching on the hotels in Johor. The press had done the job!

So The Katerina Hotel is on my blacklisted hotel in Johor. I can't think of going to such a faraway location if I am having an affair, but it is still worthwhile to remember the name.

And by the way, I've never been to Johor. Can anyone give me a reason for me to visit this state? Is there any unique attraction there? I mean apart from DVDs of VIPs having sex?

Anonymous said...

Unique in Johor! how about the opportunity to see droves of Singaporeans being idiotic!

Julie Tan said...

There's a hunt by Zahrol this Jan 26 to Kluang, Johor, if you are interested to go to Johor.

Cornelius said...

I'm afraid I'll have to pass this time, Julie. Too close to Chinese New Year. Will be busy! But I'm almost certain that I'll be hunting more frequently in KL this year!