Monday, August 30, 2010

Weird Research

We should all be thankful that there are people who devote their lives to conduct numerous researches in the medical field, e.g. on cancer and AIDS, in the hope of saving lives; or at least prolonging the lives of those having those diseases. However, I can't help but smile when I read about some researches conducted by these medical people.

Take this one, for example, which has established that an average man gets less than 3 hours of orgasm throughout his lifetime. Interestingly, the doctor who conducted the study opined that "couples were only sexually active before and immediately after their marriage." There is, however, no mention of the age of marriage for an average man. I think it is quite safe to assume that these days only a small proportion of the male population—at least in an urban society like Singapore—would get married before the age of 25, but I doubt that it is possible to equate that age as the time when one is sexually active. I also happen to know quite a fair number of men over the age of 30 who're still unmarried, but I can't say for sure if they're not sexually active.

Apart from the age when one becomes sexually active, I'm also unsure of the estimate on the number of years one remains sexually active. I have a friend who told me that it's been years since he had sex with his wife. And he's only in his early fifties. I don't know why, but maybe it has a lot to do with him being small-sized like a mousedeer, whereas his wife had grown to become something like a Sumatran rhino? But on the other hand, I know of at least one man who's still sexually active in his mid sixties.

It is also unclear if Dr Fang has accounted for self-service sex. If he did not, I think that can distort his research quite a bit. And then, there is that estimate of 2.5 seconds per orgasm. There is no mention how that figure was arrived at. Perhaps some of you should time yourselves with a stopwatch the next time you become naughty with your spouses. Just be sure not to ask your spouses be the time keepers. It's not amusing—that!

I think this kind of study has a huge margin of error, thus rendering it quite meaningless. Besides, just in case the women would like to know, let me tell you that although the orgasm is the ultimate destination, most men put a lot of importance in what happens during the time before arriving at that destination. Most men, if not all, would not be happy if all they get is that few seconds of orgasm. No—they want the adventures of trying this and that, maybe even impossibly-creative acrobatic positions which would probably impress the Kundor woman. BUT!... not all of us are too crazy for the anus of a young man who looks too pretty to be a man.

So, Dr Fang Zhuang Wei, I think you should start thinking of a more useful study, so that mankind can benefit from it, hmm?


Socrates29 said...

I think the research is not a conclusive one as it leaves out certain situations.

One particular but important area which was left out are cases where elderly men may, due to lack of libidos, resorted to the use of sexual aids like Viagra to boost up their performance in bed.

Cornelius said...


I don't claim to know very much about Viagra, but on the whole, I'm inclined to think that its use amongst the aged population must be a somewhat small proportion of the entire male population. And I also think that its use is not frequent enough to distort the result of the study substantially. At any rate, even if the Viagra factor is accurately taken into account, I still think whatever result they come up with in the end would have a huge margins of error.