Friday, August 13, 2010

Humans—The Exceptionally Intelligent Creatures

Aren't you amazed at how far we've come from our lifestyle during the stone age? I can imagine that many thousands or even millions of years ago, we lived very much like any other animals. But we're blessed with intelligence—we had visions and could plan ahead. We learned from our mistakes, and each time we corrected those mistakes, we improved even further.

From a very humble beginning, we now have machines to help us do things easier and faster. We can produce goods and build gigantic structures much faster than before. We can take to the sky, and we can explore the depths of the oceans. We have computers from which we can work, communicate and play.

We are so lucky that we have been bestowed with such exceptional intelligence. We are truly such amazing creatures.

Well, Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit—maybe not all of us are very intelligent. Some of us may wake up one day and then suddenly become inspired to go back to the lifestyle of thousands of years ago, in fact to the lifestyle of a fallen empire. [The Star]

We seem to be quite talented in turning the clock back, aren't we? Yes, that would explain why we're building a coal power plant here in Sabah. Who knows, tomorrow we may come up with the brilliant idea of using the camels instead of motor vehicles.

Yeah, that so is like us.

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