Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Afida in Wonderland

I have mentioned in the previous post that my friends, Andrew and Teo, will be joining the Sprint Triathlon in Miri this October. Their participation is intended to be something of a fact-finding mission for our circle of friends who're keen to know what the triathlon is like. We reckoned that whatever little experience Andrew and Teo can gain from the sprint would be useful for our preparation.

Although there is no question that Andrew and Teo can both afford to travel in luxury, they decided to share a hotel room for this particular outing. So Andrew made the necessary reservations with a clerk in a hotel in Miri, explaining that he required a room to share with a friend. After making some preliminary enquiries, Andrew received an email from the hotel, confirming his room reservation:

Good afternoon

Dear Mr Andrew Voon

This is your confirmation booking as per below

Room confirmation no: XXXXXXXXX
1) Guest name: Mr Andrew Voon
Check in: 30th October 2010
Check out: 31 October 2010
Room type: 1 Deluxe Sea view rooms, 1 Twin Sharing Bed
Room rate: RM150 nett per room per night (Include 2 breakfast)
Payment: Personal Account


Afida Sabtu

Reading the above email, Andrew became fairly alarmed. He decided to write back to Afida:

Afida—we need 1 TWIN SHARING ROOM ie 1 room with 2 single beds—not 1 TWIN SHARING BED!!

Andrew Voon

And then shortly after that, Andrew received a reply from Afida:

Dear Mr Andrew

Actually twin sharing bed or twin sharing room is the same type of room. Inside the room have 2 separate bed which is queen sized bed of each.


Afida Sabtu

So now Andrew is happier with this latest reply from Afida. But perhaps because he remembered that I have a torturous mind—with that curious affinity to analyse everything even when those analysis are not required—decided to share the emails with me.

I told Andrew not to be too happy with this latest reply. For we don't know if Afida is really sure of what she's talking about. 2 queen sized bed(s) in one room? The only thing that we can be sure of is that Afida could use a bit of improvement in her English.

I told Andrew to make sure that they're not getting only one queen sized bed. We have had enough of Anwar and Saiful in the Sodomy 2 Trial. We don't need a Sodomy Part 3: The Andrew and Teo Saga. Enough of these pathetic sequels please!


teo said...

Training for a Tri and planning to do it is already a huge task, I hope we wont have to deal with this TWIN SHARING BED issue when we get there.

As I have replied Andrew, how come Twin Sharing Bed and Twin Sharing Room can be the SAME?? Guess they are Confucius with their England!!

Cornelius said...


It's kinda too late now, since this Twin Sharing Bed thingy is out for the whole world to see!

For whatever it's worth, teo, try to think of a way to put lots of padding on that hard bicycle seat of yours. Don't come home from Miri complaining that your ass hurts, OK? People will get the wrong idea when they remember about the Twin Sharing Bed.

Feed Me said...

Hahahaha trust you Corny. Poor Andrew :D

Cornelius said...


Been a while since your last visit!... hehehe. As you can see these people are graduating into triathlon now!

Actually, I had planned to only seriously scout around for a triathlon next year. But suddenly some of these crazy people became obsessed with it. I don't think I will join them in Miri, since I have a marathon to run in Penang in November.

However, I recently tried out my swimming, having been away from the pool for ages. And I found out that I would probably be liable to taking in at least a gallon of the sea water if I were to be in Miri this October. Nah... I think I'll pass.

At any rate, I just hope that Teo and Andrew won't be complaining about painful asses when they return.