Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sex Toys & Razor Blades

About a week ago, I posted an article entitled: Emotional Violence. In it I touched about physical and emotional abuses, and the proposed law to protect women. I welcome such a law, but I'd like to see both genders benefitting from it. I also said that there is only meaning in that law if it's enforceable [on everyone].

I gave an example where an action is commenced against the Prime Minister of Malaysia—whether anyone would dare to do anything about it. That was of course just a hypothetical example, and it's impossible to answer the question.

Well, now we have an opportunity to find out. A 17-year old kid (yes, she's just a kid) married a prince of Kelantan about a year ago, and recently escaped while in Singapore. She has since been reunited with her mother in Indonesia. [New Straits Times]

Her allegations against her husband, the prince, caused quite a stir. According to her, she was sexually abused by her husband who treated her like a toy. Allegedly, she was also tranquillised several times when she protested against the way she was treated. So we are made to imagine the prince forcing himself on her. It's hard to believe a man doing that to his wife after only one year of marriage. I'm not dismissing her allegations, mind! What's even more fantastic is the claim that the prince used a razor to cut her chest—a razor! Why a razor? And why on the chest? I guess some people get their kicks from doing something outrageous.

But anyway, as I was saying, would anyone dare to investigate the truth of these allegations? There is no need to wait for the proposed amendments of the law. If these allegations are true, the prince can get into big trouble even with the existing law. But again, who dares to investigate?

Well, this was what the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin, had to say when asked to comment [The Star]:

"The Malaysian Government does not want to get involved in the case."

He added, "I think this is more of a personal matter. We should not be dragged into this situation so we want to just leave it as it is."

A perfect example of how things are in Malaysia. But I can't help wondering how the DPM would react if those allegations were made by his own daughter. I'm sure he would not get involved, as that's more of a personal matter between his daughter and her husband.


Anonymous said...

Big surprise, noone wanting to make waves with royalty.. It is the same way here in America, the rich are able to get away with murder, literally.. If this girl went through this in America, the "prince" would pay her off very nicely to keep it from hitting the media..
The whole world is sick.

Cornelius said...

Yeah, Sarah, I guess it's not really about the country in particular, but more about people in general.

"The whole world is sick" because of the people who make it that way.

But then again, if the world is perfect; if everyone loves each other; if no wars and there is peace throughout, then some people's lives will become meaningless. These people become the kings and leaders when there are things to fight for.

Therefore, Osama, for example, will try his best to ensure that Obama fails to befriend the Muslims. Because if all these people become friends, why, then, Osama's existence will become meaningless?