Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wonder-Full World Of Football

Those of you who know me—I mean really know me—would know how much I loathe the sport of football. The Americans call it soccer. I have tried to learn to like the sport many times in the past, but to no avail.

No matter what or how I do it, I just can't bring myself to like football. At one time, following an advice given by a friend who's a football freak, I actually started betting on international matches. Not really betting like "bet" bet, y'know; merely small sums in an attempt to lure myself into the sport. According to my friend, the games would become much more interesting and exciting if I actually had a "stake" in them. Somehow the bettings didn't have quite the same effect on me.

One ball; 22 players on the field; a man in black, running to and fro, blowing a whistle and a bunch of yellow and red cards in his pocket; thousands upon thousands of people in the stand yelling their hearts out; and many more thousands watching from all over the world. People support the clubs; lose sleep and get sick in the process; gamble and fight against each other—hell, they even end up killing each other because of football. Who invented this game anyway?

A football star tried to be nice. He threw his game-used jersey to a bunch of boys in the audience. A 10-year old boy was convinced that that jersey was meant for him. But as fate would have it, it was his 9-year old best friend who caught that jersey. A tussle ensued. The parents who were there joined in the party. Then a policeman arrived to break up the fight.

Who is the rightful owner of that jersey? Should the 10-year old have it? Should the 9-year old have it? Well, the policeman who broke up the fight thought the 9-year old should have it. Would you agree with that decision? Well, apparently the parents of the 10-year old boy did not agree with the policeman. And so they're bringing the matter to court. Read more here.

What's wrong with these people? It's just a football jersey, for Pete's sake!

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