Friday, February 1, 2008

KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt 2008—Update

Last month, I posted an article entitled KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt 2008. Although the entry form was already out when I posted that article, the organiser had not decided who would clerk the hunt.

Well, it is now confirmed that Time Out Solutions has again been engaged by the organiser to clerk the KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt 2008. Bear in mind that there will be only ONE category this year—the Open category, i.e. open to all. The cash prizes for the top winners have been raised, and air passages are thrown in to make them even more attractive.

An announcement of this hunt could be found on Michael Pang's blog, wherefrom the official entry form could be downloaded. Similar announcement is also found in Time Out Solutions website. It's also possible to contact the Hunt Co-ordinator, Fauziahton Ag. Samad at

The KK City Hunt has been steadily improving in popularity as evidenced by the increase in the number of participants over the recent years. That's probably mainly due to the attractive prizes offered, but perhaps also indicates the good job done by Time Out Solutions. This year, there will be a limit of 100 teams. So those regular hunters in KK, don't wait till it's too late. Register as soon as possible, and we will all see each other during the hunt. Let the best team win!

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