Friday, December 14, 2007

KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt 2008

KK hunters are eagerly waiting for the annual KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt. The next one will be on 24 February 2008. Just this afternoon, I was able to get some information from a reliable source in the City Hall.

Firstly, the entry fee has been maintained at RM200 per team, comprising a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 members each. The flag-off and finish stations have also been maintained, which is the Nexus Karambunai Resort Hotel.

Secondly, it is surprising that they haven't decided who they are going to employ as the consultant to clerk the hunt! It seems a bit strange, because in previous years, they'd have everything decided by year end prior to the hunt.

Thirdly—and this is the scary part—they won't have a separate open and closed categories as in the 2007 hunt. There will be only ONE category—open to everybody. According to some seasoned hunters who've participated in such a single-category KK City Hunt a few years ago, the top prizes were already decided even before the flag-off. And then all the familiar podium finishers would be fighting for the fourth place onwards. Bear in mind, however, these were all allegations which were not supported by any evidence whatsoever!

I was given to understand that it became a big havoc—a group of regular hunters wrote to the hotline in the local papers, and then boycotted the hunt the following year. Too bad I missed all the excitement. Otherwise it would have been an interesting story to write! I was also given examples of the stupid questions they had for those hunts (apparently set by a local chap):

Q) Jump like a frog.
A) Road hump (literally, the road hump on the surface of a road).

Q) This is a money.
A) Maybank.

Like I said, too bad I wasn't around when it all happened. I would have had a lot to comment!

Lastly, because the open and closed categories are going to be combined, the cash prizes for the top 3 places will be bigger than that of the 2007 hunt, i.e. RM5,000 cash, return air tickets to Korea, goods and certificates for the champions.

In the past few years, when the KK City Hunt was clerked by Timeout Solutions, very few "inside" people won anything decent. Instead, we saw those familiar regular hunters winning each year.

According to the reliable source in City Hall, "... via evaluation form that they not agreed with closed category and suggested one category only." One can only guess who are those people who wanted "one category only".

Who knows, they are still ironing out the details of hiring a professional Clerk-of-Course right now. Otherwise, we should all be prepared for the worst. I am keeping my fingers crossed...


CK said...

wat can i say? but secretly i hope they do some hanky panky so we can make sure that it can be revealed and justice prevailed. thinking of it made me feel very excited already.

CK said...

i think the fact that we have to pay RM200 for the entry qualified us to enquire more abt the whole thing. i mean we can even demand to know who will the clerk-of-course in the first place. am i right? i mean when we purchase a product, we wanna know where it's being manufactured though nowadays they only print things such as "manufactured for" and no revelation on where's the thing being made....ok, tis warrants for another post in my blog....

Cornelius said...

Hi CK,

Firstly, IF indeed there is some hanky-panky in the next City Hunt, I think it will be something which isn't gonna be easy to prove. So your goal to seek justice may not materialise! After all, it has happened in the past, and from what I've been told, there was no such thing as "justice", unless if you have a different meaning for that word.

Secondly, the organiser, (KK City Hall) provides for an avenue for queries via Fauziahton Ag Samad @ 6088-270326/521800 ext 797. So presumably hunters can get more information from her, including who's the Clerk-of Course etc. However, the simplest and most common answer would be "yet to be decided".

A recent trend in KL hunts appears to be heading in the direction of full transparency, i.e. hunters are provided with most, if not all, of the information regarding the hunts before the events. Hunters are then able to make informed decisions on what they're getting into. I think this should be adopted in the City Hunt too.