Friday, December 28, 2007

You Gonna Obey Me?

I am not a soccer fan. I know the general rules of the sport, but I just can't convince myself to love it. Occasionally, I allow myself to spend a stretch of 15 minutes or so—which is already a marathon for me—to sit in front of the telly to watch a soccer match. I don't remember ever watching a full 90-minute soccer match in my entire life. Quite frankly, I don't understand what's the excitement all about!

Of course I am one of those few nerds who don't know how to appreciate a good sport. Think about it—some people on the field fighting for the possession of a ball with the sole purpose of trying to put it into the opponent's square-framed fortress. They have about 90 minutes to do so, and there is a guy called the referee who will be running back and forth throughout that 90 minutes chasing after the ball, but playing no part in fighting for its posession. Instead, he's supposed to decide who are the rule-violators during the game. And believe you me, they are many rule-violators. Then of course they are thousands of people watching from the sidelines.

Throughout the history of soccer, we've had so many riots. The crowd has the tendency to become violent. People actually die because of soccer!

The referee is quite often the target of such violence, because he is after all the one who makes the call. I guess there will always be someone who won't be happy with the referee's decision. Perhaps referees should be equipped with protective gears. Then maybe I will enjoy watching soccer, because then I will have something to laugh about. What the heck, maybe we should also equip the referee with a handgun too, so that whenever these people try to crash in onto the poor guy, he has something to protect himself with?

Yeah, that would be something for a change, huh? We should be creative and think of something new. But this kind of referee is only available in Malaysia.

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