Monday, December 10, 2007

NRD Officer, The Movie Freak

Have you ever seen the movie, Gattaca? It's one of those futuristic stories about how humans can be created with predetermined genetic composition. The story was about a man who was conceived without the aid of such technology, but had big dreams of becoming an astronaut.

Unfortunately, because he was genetically inferior, he had no chance of becoming an astronaut—unless he assumed another person's identity. He had to go through so much trouble to pass through quality control; tests upon tests. And then eventually, he achieved his goal. Quite an amazing story which demonstrated how determination and human spirit can beat the odds of whatever obstacles. The tagline of the movie was: "There is no gene for a human spirit." Check out the story here.

I saw the movie about 10 years ago, so I can't remember every minute detail. But perhaps some of us were influenced in more ways than others. Maybe this NRD Officer liked the idea of assuming another person's identity. Maybe he himself should let another person have his own identity, so that he can create a new one for himself. I am sure he will then realise how stupid that idea sounds.


Cornelius said...

Oh by the way, in an unrelated topic, but still talking about identity, a friend sent me some sort of search statistics which indicated that some people are searching for my blog!

I am not sure whether I should be concerned or happy about that. Perhaps I should start linking some advertisements on the sidebar of this blog to make it look important and professional?

But on the other hand, I hope it's not some of those jokers in the police force dying to make use of the ISA against me. Yeah, that would be interesting—a treasure hunt freak doing a hunt in the prison:

Q) Do I wag this?

A) Playing God with ISA

Anonymous said...

Well at least it'll be something more interesting for the jailbirds to do than kicking and chasing a ball around or lifting weights! But not sure if you'll have enough signs to work with, though (tee hee).

Anonymous said...

And (ha ha) that'll be one hunt I wont be the first to sign up for!

Cornelius said...

No, 2R1I, there aren't many signs in the prison. I will just have to be creative and include some games and challenges.

For example, I can ask everyone to be stripped down, and then holding their ears, they must stand-sit-stand-sit...

Then whoever yields the most drugs from body cavities will score points. I just have to make sure that no one's recording the event on his cellphone.

Anonymous said...

Cool movie.