Monday, January 20, 2014

Looking At The Bright Side

Apart from posting my thoughts and opinions in this blog, I frequently visit other blogs too. You'd be surprised how much you can learn from reading the opinions of others. I think it is a good way to learn about people in general, but perhaps not so much for the purpose of improving on the English language, if you know what I mean!

Being a keen student of psychology, I also make it a point to quickly glance through posts on facebook walls, although I don't always comment on them. There will be plenty of what is known as "selfie" photos, since that seems to have become fashionable these days. Of course not forgetting photos of practically everything ranging from what people had for breakfast to dinner, the cloudy sky, even photos taken from the car during a traffic jam. There will be some strange-looking cryptic posts with the obvious intention to lure people to comment such as, "I wonder if I should...", or "Yay!...It's finally here!", or "Of course lah!", you know, the kind of post that's hanging? Then there will be posts by frequently depressed people, and these are the kind of posts that usually attract my attention.

You see, too many people have the tendency to be negative—they are sad or depressed because they are fast approaching mid-thirties and still single; perhaps they feel trapped in their careers with very limited scope for advancement; a boyfriend or spouse who had forgotten their birthday or wedding anniversary; work that never seems to end but such small salary which is hardly enough to buy the latest model of the iphone. The girlfriend is coming over tonight, and there's no more blue pills left in the cabinet. And the list goes on and on.

The strength and sense of empowerment from positive-thinking can be surprisingly beneficial in achieving happiness, and it's strange that not many people realise it. When one starts to compare oneself with those who have practically nothing in life, e.g. kids living in the streets begging from others on a daily basis for their survival, people born with no limbs or retarded, people who die of cancer before even seeing their fifth birthday—suddenly we realise that we are so blessed with whatever little that we have!

The state of my happiness is my own choice, really. I mean, I could have felt depressed when my mother-in-law, in attempting to play doctor, tried to lecture me on the subject of coitus interruptus. And when I thought she would demonstrate the method to me, I could have fainted! But I'm fast to brush aside all these little negative things, and try to look at the bright side by focusing on the positive things in my life.

So I'm calling out those of you on my facebook friends' list, whom are so frequently depressed, to try to look at the bright side for a change. Listen to this old man for a moment; you may just thank me one of these days. You have so much to be happy about in life, I promise. You just haven't realised it yet. The choice is really yours!

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