Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Message From Yoda

Not so long ago in 2008, and not so far away in the galaxy, in the Land Below the Wind, The Borneo International Marathon was born. It has since grown bigger and bigger each year, and now it is back again with the promise of the same fun-filled event as its predecessors. It will be on 04 May 2014. 

Last night, Grand Master of the Jedi Order, Yoda, sent me a brief message through the Force. And I am to convey the message to you all. Here is his message: 

Borneo International Marathon fans you are, I sense. Great news for you I bring—back again in May, it is. The beautiful run and exciting route, it is still. The sea, the city and the hills, you will see. Growing and improving each year, no doubt. 

The Force in you I sense; powerful you have become, my old Pawadans. But still a lot to run, you have! Join the beautiful run, you all must. See you at the starting line, I hope! 

May the fourth be with you! 

Jedi Grand Master Yoda 

So there you go, folks, register for the race as soon as possible. The Early Bird rate ends on 14 February, so there isn’t much more time to catch the slightly cheaper fee. 

I’d also like to add that it’s been observed that cheating cases in races have been quite rampant this lately, and apparently they included people from among the top performers in the sport too. Well, there isn’t much motivation to cheat in the Borneo International Marathon, as the organizer has deliberately kept the top prizes small, just a matter of recognition for the achievement, but not much money in it. So please don’t be seduced to the Dark Side; let’s all play a clean game and be proud of our achievements of conquering the challenge without cheating! 

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Cornelius said...

I must apologize on behalf of Master Yoda. He's a Grand Master of the Jedi Order; he's highly-skilled with the light saber and the Force. But if I'm not much mistaken, he did not major in the English language in College. Sorry about that. Thanks.

Will rush home and then do a bit of workout before continuing the following post "The Mystery of Love". Sorry I posted it unfinished, but will finish it later. Promise!