Saturday, November 6, 2010

Novice Hunt 2—The Hilly City

About a year ago, when I was setting a hunt in KK, it suddenly occurred to me to choose a signboard which I would use again and again for the next 3 of my hunts. It's an interesting psychological experiment.

And so, in October 2009, I unleashed the first of 3 of my cryptic clues meant for the same answer in the KK Challenge 5. No team was able to answer that clue. So I was encouraged to continue with the second of my evil clues! It happened in the KK Challenge 6, where again nobody was able to solve the clue.

The third time I used that same signboard as the intended answer was more satisfying in that 4 teams were able to solve the clue. But I don't know if some of those successful teams chose the answer because there were able to catch on to my trend, or if they really did solve the clue!

Q33) They're seen only once in The Hilly City.

I suppose this means I need to look for other signboards to use for my answer in my future hunts. But it's been fun using this particular board.

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