Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Busy-body World Policeman

It's quite amusing when you come to think of it, but a fair number of people just can't stand some developed countries like the United Kingdom and the United States of America. A good example is our very own former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad. Try and visit his blog and then search for any of his many posts about the USA. See if you can find any one of them in which he has something nice to say about the country and its leaders. Chances are, your search will be in vain. But try to search anyway. Who knows, by a stroke of miracle, you might just find one!

Actually, many other people are unhappy with the USA. The country is often perceived as a busy-body who appoints itself to be the world policeman. All too often, it minds other people's business, especially those countries where it has either direct or indirect interests—whether politically or financially.

The American Government has been known for its involvement in disputes in the middle eastern countries. In some cases, its involvement is military in nature; in others it initiates economic sanctions against a country etc. When it perceives a particular country may become a dangerous military force, it may try to convince its allies to set up economic sanctions; or even launch a preemptive attack on that country. Indeed, the American Government is the best example of the world policeman!

The thing about people in general is that when you admire someone so much, whatever that someone does is perfect in your eyes—even if it's not! When that someone wears an ugly dress, you will somehow think it's a beautiful dress; that ugly sunglasses so cool. Even when Britney Spears sings through her nose, her voice may sound so good to your ears.

However, the opposite is also true—when you hate someone's guts so much, whatever that someone does must be no good—even if in reality it is good!

Therefore, the next time the USA sees trouble brewing in the yonder, it should just leave them alone. For if it tries to be a busy-body, people will be quick to criticise it! It is much better to mind its own business. Maybe even let the trouble go out of control, thus causing the loss of many lives.

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