Monday, November 8, 2010

Hong Kong—Initial Review

I'm down with a terrible flu and cough and a slight fever. Feeling awful the whole day today at the office. Hopefully, will recover in a couple of days. Need to continue with my running, as the Penang Marathon is next Sunday, no time to lose on training!

Just fetched Mia and JJ from the airport. The moment she got into the car, the first thing she told me about her Hong Kong experience was that Hong Kong people are very rude. Although I've never been to Hong Kong in my entire life, this was not news to me. I've heard so many people saying the same thing to me before. But I will have the opportunity to confirm it when I visit Hong Kong in February next year for the Hong Kong Marathon.

In the mean time, folks, if you plan to visit Hong Kong anytime soon, and plan to save on hotel, try to avoid Oriental Pearl Budget Hotel, Nathan Road, Chungking Mansions, Tsim Sha Tsui Area, Kowloon. You are really gonna regret it!


blaze said...


Thanks for the advice on the hotels in Hong Kong. Just booked my flights. Tomorrow will book hotel. Surprise, surprise, I will see you in Hong Kong in Feb 2011.

blaze said...

Also, please take care of yourself ya. Need to recover first. Don't run or train if you are not fully recovered.

Cornelius said...


Since we share the same hobbies, i.e. treasure hunting and running, we're bound to meet each other in some of these events. But it's still quite a coincidence!

Quite amazing, actually, the Hong Kong (full) Marathon was full within a couple of days, not even a week! A friend helped me to register online, and he had no choice but to register me in the sub-4hr category because the rest no more lor! hehehe. I think I will die trying to achieve that time!

Yes, taking a short break from running. But at any rate, I'm already within the tapering stage. Last Sunday was only 19km. This weekdays I plan to run no more than 10km per session. Perhaps this Sunday 10km-12km. And then that's it for me.