Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blind to Details

Some people are not born with the natural tendency to be meticulous in whatever they do. Essentially, they are blind to details. I have a number of those creatures in my office. Occasionally, when I find spelling or grammatical errors in a draft report, I would challenge some of them to spot those errors. And I am often amused to see how they would labour through the few paragraphs in a single page for hours and hours. Yet after spending perhaps half a day on that single page, they will not find the forsaken error!

Whenever there is a need to write typo-free reports—and I am obsessed with typo-free reports—these are the people I can't depend on. Not in a million years! They are blind as a bat. It doesn't matter if they have done the same thing over and over again for decades. They will never learn; they are simply hopeless! And so don't expect them to know what's the difference between ADVICE and ADVISE; PRINCIPAL and PRINCIPLE; YOUR and YOU'RE.

Last Friday, the sports club threw a farewell party for Ibrahim Ujar, a valuer in our company who decided to move back to West Malaysia, since his wife who's working for the government has been transferred to one of the states there. It was a simple tea party with some egg tarts and soft drinks and a farewell cake.

Some of those fellows decided to write a fancy message on the cake. And this was the result:

Challenge yourself to this simple proof-reading task. Can you spot anything wrong in those few words on the cake? Mistake can still happen even though we're only dealing with 4 (FOUR) freaking words!


Lisa said...

"ibu"rahim?ow wow.

Cornelius said...

Aik! sejak bila lagi Isha ada blog ni? Kenapa ndak kestau uncle awal-awal?

Berapa lama baru nampak "ibu"rahim? Jgn tipu! bagitau uncle betul-betul!

unsettledsoul said...

should be bye-bye

and what lisa said.

Can you spot the error in your own post? hehe

Cornelius said...

Oops! Sarah!... I try to be accurate when I blog, of course, but not as obsessed as when I do it in my work. But then again, being "obsessed" in accuracy doesn't mean that I'm perfect. I sometimes find errors in my posts and would edit accordingly. I hope that there are not many errors though!

Lisa said...

xmau bgtau nnti uncle stalk x2 my blog. saja jak menyampuk... iburahim? x pakai spek pun blh nampak tuh slah. ^^