Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reaching for Greater Heights in Batu Sapi

Since the announcement of the respective candidates who're vying for the Batu Sapi seat a few days ago, our local papers have been reporting on the progress of the by-election on a daily basis. Naturally, those reports were complemented with photographs. And of course the majority of those photographs were those of Datin Linda Tsen Thau Lin, the grieving widow of the late Datuk Edmund Chong, the candidate from the ruling Government.

The government is of course pledging to the Sandakan folks to deliver even better governance and bringing Sandakan to greater heights—even much higher than all those raised hands in the photos.

I'm thinking—when the whole thing is over, heavens forbid, the ruling government will recapture the Batu Sapi seat, and the poor widow can take a few days' leave to rest her sore arms.


Socrates29 said...

With having to do so much arm raising, I hope she and everybody else around her are using 'Odorono' (armpit odor protection lotion)for their armpits especially in the hot weather and under the sun!

Cornelius said...

I suppose, that is quite possible, Socrates29, except that I think your suggestion is such an insult to the Batu Sapi politician. No, I doubt that Odorono is anywhere to be found in her travel kit. Maybe likelier to find some sort of branded and astronomically expensive perfume which costs nothing less than RM500 per 25ml bottle.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, that is her signature pose. If you read the Daily Express for the past week, everyday there will carry at least one photo of her with her arm raised and fist clenched. Wonder whether she was born with a raised arm.

Cornelius said...

Yes, that's what I mean. Almost all of her photos are those with her hands raised like that. It gets to be a bit monotonous. But of course I'd prefer that clenched fist much better than that forsaken V sign with the fingers.