Thursday, October 28, 2010

Challenging Parking

Some people are not born to park cars. They may have been driving for years, but they'll never learn how to park their cars properly like the rest of the world. Upon arriving at the car park, they will search for the emptiest area. They will try their best to avoid a single empty spot because of course it's just impossible for them to maneuver their cars into that space—not in their wildest dream! How they got their driving licences has always been a big mystery.

Either that or they are colour-blind—they're unable to see those yellow lines, at least 4 to 5 inches wide, which clearly indicate where the vehicle should be parked. It's fine with me if it's very easy to find parking spaces in the city. But it absolutely drives me up the wall when I'm having trouble looking for an empty spot, and then see one car occupying 2 parking lots.

But this morning, I arrived a little early. So I was able to secure a nice spot where I was able to park my vehicle inside the yellow box, like how it's supposed to be done. I bet those who arrived a little later, and had no more space to park their cars, would have been frustrated to see such a waste caused by the idiot.


Jun said...

It doesnt stop at cars bro.
even motorcyclists dont know how to park. Picture here

Cornelius said...

Giving the benefit of the doubt, Jun, it must the "yellow colour-blind" problem.

Anonymous said...

Should upload ur photo to here

Cornelius said...

Thank you, Anonymous friend, for the link. I glanced through that link and found some funny photos. Says there that I can send in photos so that I could remain anonymous when the photos are put up online.

As a general rule, however, I prefer to publish with my own name whenever possible. Whether it's positive or negative comment, I always use my own (real) name.