Thursday, July 1, 2010


Many of my close friends would know that I am a big fan of both Aliens and Predators. I have seen all the sequels of both these movies—several times.

In some of the sequels, these two alien species actually fought against each other. However, I did not like what's been done. I feel that it was a bad idea to mix them up into the same movie. I like it much better if humans are put up against either one of them, but not both.

In terms of physical abilities, both these creatures are way more superior than us humans. So I love to see how we can beat them somehow with our wits and courage! But whatever the movie makers do, they shouldn't mix them into the same movie.

And that's why I'm very happy to know that there is a third installment of Predators (note the plural noun) arriving at the cinemas soon. This movie will feature only Predators, and not those huge insect-like Aliens.

But of course it won't be the same without Arnold Schwarzenegger, who starred the original Predator over 20 years ago.

Check out the trailer below for the movie Predators (make sure you turn up the volume):

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