Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Clueless Child & The Energetic Teacher

An 11-year-old girl’s stroll with her boyfriend at a jetty in Umbai ended with her being raped by a former boyfriend and his five friends on June 29, Sinar Harian reported. [The Star]

What does a freakin' 11-year-old girl know about having boyfriends? A girl that young has no business having such relationship. At that age, she has had several boyfriends—imagine that! She was reportedly raped by a former boyfriend. Former? And there's no mention of how many boyfriends she has had before this.

How a girl that young can be allowed to go for a stroll with a boyfriend beats me. Shouldn't she be spending time doing her homework or afternoon nap? Perhaps that is the result of modern parenthood—a kind of incurably romantic idea of giving the child unlimited freedom so that they become streetwise.

After all, Malaysians are very modern-thinking these days; we are increasingly open-minded. We are no longer shy to talk about private matters... gone are the days...

And so, we now know that in order to become healthy, wealthy and wise, one should have sex and read on a daily basis. [The Star]

However, I'm not sure if by "healthy" he meant only one part of his body is healthy, or did he mean the entire body? I'm curious, because he's only exercising mainly one part of his body everyday.

And by "wealthy", is that referring to the wealth of sperm cells? I think there is medical evidence that the production of sperm cells by the testicles can be increased by their regular disposal from the body. But please don't quote me on this, as I have not researched this particular information.

And by "wise", it makes me wonder if that means we can become wise of only one specific thing of a woman's body.

Hmm... He makes a point to have sex daily before retiring for the night. Lucky devil! But I'm dying of curiosity—what would happen when the wife is going through that time of the month. Maybe for a few days each month, the fellow will become lethargic, uninspired and unable to concentrate on his work. I'm just saying, y'know?

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