Thursday, July 15, 2010

Never Been Attempted

At the dinner table this evening, Mia announced that she won't be free over this weekend. She said her time will be fully occupied for the supervision of JJ's revision. Next week will be yet another mock exams. And then shortly after that will be the third term exams. So obviously there is no time to lose. Oh! did I announce that JJ dropped to 20th in her class during the 2nd term exams. You can understand why Mia is becoming even more paranoid this time round.

Last Sunday, Mia and I went for a movie, Predators, and she's feeling a bit guilty for that, because according to her, she would have been able to cover quite a lot with JJ within those 2 hours or so we spent at the cinema. Paranoia is a strange disease, you see.

Anyway, I thought of making another visit to the cinema this weekend for Eclipse. But Mia is adamant—she's gonna spend the entire Saturday and Sunday revising together with JJ. After all, she's not a very big fan of vampires and warewolves. She hasn't seen any of the Underworld movies, so you can understand why the Twilight Saga does not appeal to her.

I, on the other hand, am a curious animal; of course I don't believe in vampires and warewolves, but I have always been intrigued by the very idea of these creatures. Apart from the fact that the fangs of the vampires can become longer and shorter, there are quite a number of other elements of the vampires which none of the story-tellers have attempted to explain before.

There have been some variations in vampire stories over the years, but after a while, you realise that the story-tellers have come very close to running out of new ideas. It's always about these creatures feeding on human blood (in the Twilight Saga, apparently they feed on animal blood too), and then that can create even more of them that way.

Well, I'll be there at the cinema this weekend to see the latest installation of the Twilight Saga, Eclipse, but I doubt that there will be anything new in it apart from a girl begging her boyfriend to turn her into a vampire, a warewolf boy who will be shirtless most of the time to show off his meat, the vampire boyfriend who will be telling the warewolf boy to stay away from his girl etc. I suppose it will be good to kill the time.

If ever I become a story-teller about vampires, I will probably spend a lot of time to come up with something new—not the same old boring stuff. Perhaps someone should come up with something brilliant like a vampire feeding on discharged blood when a woman's having her period. I mean, why not—it's still blood, isn't it? Don't you think it's a total waste not to find some use for the blood? People will not see these blood-sucking creatures the same way again!

Yeah, that's what I would do. Hmmm... the exhaustion from all the running have a weird effect on my brain. Maybe there's a kind of hormone produced from the stress which in turn triggers brilliant ideas, I don't know.

It's time to go to sleep now. Who knows, with sufficient rest, I will wake up tomorrow morning with a clear mind to expand on this brilliant idea! G'night, folks!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hahahahahahaaa!!! Thanks for a good laugh =)~

Cornelius said...

Haha! Sarah, sometimes I amaze myself for coming up with all these brilliant ideas!

I mean, seriously, think about it, vampires will no longer require those ugly and scary fangs. The whole blood-sucking thing need not be a scary and painful process. In fact, maybe even a pleasant experience for both the blood-sucker and the blood-suckee! (Yes, I sometimes invent new words too) I scare myself with my ideas...

delurk said...


Cornelius said...

Haha! delurk, you'd be surprised that some people do not find it gross at all! In fact, it turns them on! OK, folks, let's get some work done, shall we?