Saturday, July 3, 2010

Practical Fashion

It's been raining some of the evenings of this week. And although I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, I was quick to use that as the excuse for not running after work. Actually, as a last resort, I can always go to the gym and run on the treadmill. But, y'know, laziness can be quite hard to conquer sometimes.

On my way home from the office on Thursday, the sky was again cloudy. It looked like it was going to rain again. But because I had only ran once for the week, I just had to force myself to the jogging track. Otherwise, I would fall below the 3-times-a-week running requirement.

When I arrived at the jogging track, I was pleasantly surprised to see Dr Peter there. So we ran together throughout the 8km workout. It's strange when you come to think of it, but when running with a friend, and chit-chatting like that, time seems to pass very quickly. And maybe it's me, but even the workout itself would feel not too exhausting.

We talked about many topics that evening. Or rather, I was mainly the one doing the talking, and Dr Peter would throw in short comments here and there. We talked about religions, about marathon training, about life philosophy etc. And then we finally got to talk about the poor chap who died in the recent KL Marathon.

I said to Dr Peter that I had actually posted an article in this blog about how we tend to take our health for granted. As we were still talking and exchanging opinions on the topic, we have finished our workout. We were still talking about health in general as we were walking back to the car park.

And then I started telling Dr Peter that I actually had a full medical check prior to the first half marathon I joined in 2008. Just when we were approaching my car, I got to the point of telling Dr Peter about the test for prostate disorders. Bear in mind that it was already dark by then. I said before that I had no idea how they'd conduct the test. Of course I knew that the doctor would carry out some sort of scan of my testicles, but that was all that I knew.

At the lab, when it was time for the prostate test, I had to take off my pants and underwear. The doctor had a device which looked like an electric shaver. He applied a bit of gel on it, and put it onto my testicles. There was no pain whatsoever, except that it was funny that the penis was in the way! So the doctor instructed me to pull my penis away from the testicles. I was lying down when all of this was done.

I told Dr Peter that when I eventually realised how the prostate test was to be carried out, I was a bit worried, not so much of the pain. Because of course there was no pain at all. But I was thinking what would have happened if all the maneuvering of the penis would cause it to become erect? After all, it's a very sensitive organ, millions of nerves there—especially if it's a female doctor, you know! Luckily it was a male doctor who conducted the test that day, and my worries about the erection was unfounded. Phew!

Maybe the next time I go for another prostate test, I should consider putting on something like what's worn by these men below. I guess it's a kind of fashion for them, but it can be a very practical thing when going for the prostate test, in which case the penis won't get in the way! Brilliant, isn't it?

And by the way, girls, especially those of you who've not seen the real thing, let me hasten to tell you that it won't normally grow all the way up to the chest. I'm not sure why it had to be that long—perhaps it has an alternative use as the vuvuzela, I don't know.

Anyway, as I was telling Dr Peter about my experience above, there was a couple who were evidently coming back from the jogging track too. I did not realise that they were approaching the car next to where Dr Peter and I were standing. The guy looked at us and he had this weird smile on his face; whereas the woman did not even dare to look at us.

Now I know there is a very remote chance that that couple will get to read this post, but if you're reading this somehow, I want to say that it's not like what you think it is! Two men talking about testicles and erection at a parking lot at night may appear strange, but please know that we are not homos making our plans for the evening!

I remained in my car for quite a long time that evening laughing out loud until I had trouble breathing! That could have been the first case of death due to uncontrollable laughter!

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