Sunday, June 20, 2010

Who's The Boss

I have posted my opinions and comments in this blog on several occasions against the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohd. However, although I have commented against him, in my opinion he was, and still is, the best Prime Minister Malaysia has ever had. Throughout the over 20 years he was in office, he achieved quite a lot for Malaysia. There were wastage, of course. After all, nobody's perfect. But on the whole I can honestly say that he did well in his job.

However, the one thing I can't accept about Tun Dr Mahathir, is that he's a racist. From the time when he was still the Prime Minister, he has been harping about Melayu, Melayu, Melayu. He is bent on emphasizing the need for the Malays to be the bosses in Malaysia. In his most recent post in his blog, he has again raised the issue about Malays losing control of Malaysia.

Malaysia is a multi-racial country, but the Malays have always been the bosses. In fact, I think over the years, they're becoming increasingly so. All the top government posts are now held by the Malays and other Bumiputras. And other important organisations such as Bank Negara, University bigshots, the police, and other government-owned companies, all these are headed by the Malays. The Malays are really the bosses in Malaysia, I don't think anyone can dispute that.

Yet 5 decades after our Independence, Tun Dr M is still harping about wanting the Malays to be the bosses. After more than 50 years, he is still talking about Malays and Chinese and Indians etc. Why can't he see us all as Malaysians?

Instead of emphasizing on the race, maybe Tun should focus more on searching for some sort of formula for the Malays to be independent in the true sense of the word. The government has been spoon-feeding them for far too long. And in the end, only a small number of them actually became rich—super rich—while the rest remained not so rich. There really is not much point to be the bosses if they are poorer than their subjects.

I'm sure the Malays would love to be the bosses as well as being rich at the same time; who wouldn't? But after being the bosses for over 50 years, they are still generally unhappy. If I were them, I wouldn't be overly obsessed to be the boss; rather, I'd prefer to be richer and can live comfortably. But what do I know?

So I'm inviting comments from my Malay readers, if you are given a choice between the two, which one would you prefer, being the boss or having the richness?


Anonymous said...

Too bad you don't have any Malay readers, I would love to hear their opinion. I am not Malay, so I can't comment, but I certainly have my own ideas about it. :)

Cornelius said...

Perhaps they are still thinking of what to say, Sarah? I can assure you that I have many, many Malay visitors to this blog.

But I am sure we are equally eager to hear your ideas, Sarah. Who knows there is something profound in it that can really help raise the Malays beyond being the bosses in this country?

roslan said...

I am a malay. used to read this blog frequently but not for the past few months. its not your blog that i've stop reading. its the whole blogging and bloghopping thing. And now.. for the past few days... my blog "spirit" is back.. and today... i've spent my last hour in office reading ur toughts and opinions until i met with this post asking for a malay reader opinion. mmm... lets just say that I hate racist people esp from my own race. This race thing.. in malaysia.. is more than just a race... it became mistakenly related to ones faith ie ones religion...a muslim and a non-muslim. It gives a bad reflections on what Islam really is. What u seen here is the foolishness of Muslim.. not Islam. A friend from my varsity days sees the truth of Islam only after he migrated to the UK.

I am here not to answer your question whether i like to stay as a boss or jadi kaya.... I just want to say that i am sad that we.. as Malay/Muslims in Malaysia fails to show to u what Islam really is. As long as people like mahathir rules this country... your view on Islam will stay the same as today. And we... as a nation.. will never become a good nation.. in truth that is, cause cum 2020 I am sure there will be some celebration and announcement that Malaysia have become a developed nation... (in "our" own definition that is)

Cornelius said...


Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I think there is a general consensus amongst Malaysians that the present government comprises many corrupt people. It's the way of life here in Malaysia. Corruption has been the practice for such a long time that it is almost unimaginable for our government to be completely clean!

The strange thing, however, is that the same government has been voted into office over and over again, so it does seem like the majority of Malaysians still prefer what we have now.

If I had the ultimate vote to decide the government in the next general election, I would still vote for BN! It's not that I'm convinced that BN is performing exceptionally well. Quite the contrary, but I'm not a big fan of Anwar Ibrahim. In fact, I don't trust that man! I think he is full of craps! I'm not impressed with his amazing recovery from his wheelchair and all those neck braces etc almost as soon as he was released from prison.

Apart from Anwar, I dread the thought of other people who might hold office, e.g. Jeffrey Kitingan, who would readily sell his own brother in pursuance of his own interest.

In such a short time since some of those in the opposition camp who're controlling some states, it is obvious that they are more unsettled than the BN folks.

It is in that sense that it is sad. Malaysians are doomed for many years to come.